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Screen Moms Redefining Motherhood: Strength, Determination, and Uniqueness



Motherhood has long been portrayed in cinema as a role of nurturing and sacrifice, with mothers often depicted as selfless caregivers and homemakers. However, recent films have challenged this traditional image by presenting characters who redefine the concept of motherhood.

These screen moms are strong, willful, and unique, showcasing the complexity and diversity of the maternal experience. From a single mom fighting for her daughter’s safety in ‘Bheed’ to a surrogate mother who refuses to give up her baby in ‘Mimi,’ these characters demonstrate that there is more to motherhood than meets the eye.

In the film ‘Bheed,’ Dia Mirza delivers a powerful performance as Geetanjali, a single mother desperate to reunite with her daughter during the lockdown. The movie sensitively portrays Geetanjali’s range of emotions, from anger and fear to empathy, as she navigates the challenges of the migrant crisis.


Mirza’s portrayal sheds light on the plight of migrants and exposes economic, social, and caste-based fault lines. ‘Bheed’ serves as a poignant reminder of the strength and determination of a mother fighting against all odds.

Priyanka Chopra’s role in ‘The Sky Is Pink’ showcases a mother’s unwavering love and resilience in the face of her daughter’s terminal illness. Chopra’s character, Aditi Chaudhary, dedicates her life to caring for her daughter Aisha, played by Zaira Wasim, who suffers from Severe Combined Immunodeficiency.

The film explores Aditi’s tumultuous marriage and her relentless pursuit of the best possible treatment for her child. Chopra’s portrayal captures the rage and helplessness of a mother who knows she is losing her child, creating a poignant and heartrending performance.

Sheeba Chaddha’s role in ‘Badhaai Do’ exemplifies a mother’s unconditional love and acceptance. Chaddha’s character embraces her son’s truth when he comes out as gay, providing him with the support and courage to proudly claim his sexuality. ‘Badhaai Do’ is a comedy-drama that explores the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals in a conservative society, shedding light on the importance of family acceptance and solidarity. Chaddha’s portrayal showcases the power of a mother’s love in breaking societal barriers.

Kriti Sanon’s performance in ‘Mimi’ reveals the multifaceted nature of surrogacy and motherhood. Sanon plays a single, unmarried woman who agrees to be a surrogate mother but decides to embrace motherhood when the couple she is carrying the baby for refuses to accept him. The film explores the complexities of surrogacy and highlights the strength and determination of a mother who chooses to raise her child on her own. Sanon’s portrayal captures the bravery and resilience of a woman facing societal judgment and fighting for her child’s well-being.


Sakshi Tanwar’s role in ‘Mai’ portrays a mother’s unyielding determination to seek justice for her daughter. Tanwar’s character, Sheel Chaudhary, transforms from a grieving mother to a relentless avenger when her daughter’s murder is disguised as a hit-and-run accident. ‘Mai’ is a psychological thriller that delves into the dark and conspiratorial elements surrounding the tragedy. Tanwar’s performance showcases the strength and tenacity of a mother who refuses to accept her daughter’s death and fights to uncover the truth.

These screen moms challenge societal norms and redefine motherhood through their strength, determination, and uniqueness. They portray the complexities and struggles faced by mothers in different circumstances, shedding light on the diverse experiences within the maternal journey. These performances serve as a reminder that motherhood is not confined to traditional roles but encompasses a wide.

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