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Pooja Chopra’s Emotional Tribute: A Salute to Single Mothers and the Power of Girls



As Mother’s Day flooded social media with heartwarming messages, actress Pooja Chopra chose to share a poignant tribute to her mother, Neera Chopra, highlighting the sacrifices and resilience of single mothers.

Pooja, who earned accolades as Femina Miss India and the first “Beauty with a Purpose” winner at Miss World, shared a heartfelt message and a precious photograph, revealing the strength and inspiration she derived from her mother’s unwavering love.

In her post, Pooja emphasized the importance of treating girls and boys equally and challenged the societal notion that a girl child is a burden. Her story sheds light on the remarkable achievements of women who have defied stereotypes and brought pride to the nation.


A Childhood of Memories and Reflections: As Pooja scrolled through her phone in search of the “perfect” picture for Mother’s Day, she found herself immersed in a flood of cherished memories. The scarcity of childhood photographs served as a reminder of the modest upbringing she experienced, where even having three meals a day and owning a camera were considered luxuries.

Recalling her early years, Pooja revealed the confusion and disappointment she felt when her mother had to leave for work while her friends’ mothers stayed home. However, with maturity, Pooja understood that her mother’s sacrifices were fueled by her deep love for them.

The Strength of a Single Mother: Pooja pays tribute to her mother’s resilience and unwavering determination as a single mother. Neera Chopra faced the world with courage and grace, shouldering the responsibilities of raising Pooja and her sibling alone.

Pooja acknowledges the sacrifices her mother made, working tirelessly and never giving up, all while loving them with an immeasurable devotion. Neera Chopra’s ability to seamlessly fulfill both motherly and fatherly roles left a lasting impact on Pooja, inspiring her to strive for greatness.

A Heroic Figure: To Pooja, her mother is not just a parent but a hero who has been a source of motivation and strength throughout her life. Despite facing numerous hardships silently, Neera Chopra wore a bright smile and loved her children unconditionally.


Pooja admires her mother’s resilience and her ability to create a loving and nurturing environment, defying societal expectations of gender-defined roles. In her tribute, Pooja expresses her desire to make her mother proud, to repay her sacrifices, and to provide her with a life of happiness and fulfillment.

Changing the Narrative: Pooja challenges the narrative that has followed her, one that labels her as “abandoned by her father.” Instead, she proclaims proudly that she was “chosen by her mother.” By doing so, Pooja sheds light on the strength and determination of single mothers who take on the responsibilities of both parents. She acknowledges the pain and sadness her mother might have experienced but emphasizes the importance of rewriting the story to celebrate the love and strength they share.

Celebrating Girls and Their Potential: In her Mother’s Day tribute, Pooja addresses the societal bias against girl children, urging a shift in mindset. She celebrates the remarkable achievements of women like Avani Chaturvedi, Mithali Raj, Mary Kom, and Deepa Mallik, who have made the country proud with their extraordinary contributions.

Pooja emphasizes that gender should never determine a child’s potential or the love they deserve. She advocates for an inclusive society where no woman is turned away or discriminated against simply because she gives birth to a baby girl.


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