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Arjumman Mughal: A Bright Luminary of Bollywood & Hollywood

Arjumman Mughal: A Bright Luminary of Bollywood & Hollywood



Arjumman Mughal: A Bright Luminary of Bollywood & Hollywood

Arjumman Mughal, a successful International Fashion Model, has now become a leading light in the Indian film industry. Before transitioning to Indian Cinema, she was a renowned model in both high fashion and editorial. Starting from the age of 13, Arjumman was trained in dance in the foothills of Jammu & Kashmir which happens to be her ancestral home in North-Most India.

In 2008, Arjumman got her film zenith in the Tamil film Pazhaniappa Kalloori. However, her Bollywood debut was in February 2014 when she worked with the prestigious Vishesh films. In the Bollywood classic film Ya Rab, Arjumman played her most iconic role as Amreen.

Arjumman was rated among the top 3 box office draws in the Indian subcontinent in the 2000s, and was voted an audience favorite throughout South Asia. Her popularity is not just limited to feature-length films, but also extends to dozens of popular music videos. She is a brand and agency favorite in advertising and promotional campaigns, having featured in over 2,141 advertisement campaigns and print endorsements.

The actress announced a bold and unexpected career move when she moved to the United States to expand her film career at the peak of her popularity on the subcontinent. Her wish was to deepen her understanding of acting through study and practice with the great directors and actors of both stage and film, in the US. She worked on her American accent to broaden her ability to fit into a wide range of roles.


After observing the market, Arjumman decided to work in both her home country and the US. She says, “the world is mine, if I ever get work in this world I will go for it.” As of now, she will only travel back when she has a project to shoot.

Arjumman recently carved her name on the trophy of Best Face of the year at IIFTA Awards. She has also been receiving offers for direction from Hollywood and Bollywood too. However, she says, “I’m purely an actor.”

Arjumman’s future Hindi projects include an important trilogy and an untitled comedy romance, which will be released this year. She is determined to keep expanding her acting abilities and is not afraid to take risks to achieve her goals. With her talent, versatility, and stunning looks, Arjumman Mughal is undoubtedly a bright luminary of both Bollywood and Hollywood.

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