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“Actor Raajveer Sharma Shines in Upcoming Music Album ‘Apni Mohabbat’ with Actress Yukta Sharma”



Actor Raajveer Sharma has been making headlines lately with his upcoming music album ‘Apni Mohabbat’. The shooting for this album has just been completed, and the lead actors Raajveer Sharma and Yukta Sharma have been receiving a lot of attention from the media. The song in the album is written by Saurabh Tiwari, a senior officer in the Government of India and has been taken from his book ‘Anaayas Hi’.

According to reports, the music album has a lot of big names associated with it, and the first poster of the song is set to be released soon. Actress Yukta Sharma spoke to our correspondent about her experience of working in the music album and her excitement for the upcoming release.

Yukta Sharma revealed that the production company, Filmgiants Pvt. Ltd., had seen some of her videos and pictures on her Instagram page and called her to their Delhi office to provide her with more details about the song ‘Apni Mohabbat’. The actor met with Raajveer Sharma, who gave her a detailed understanding of the song and the people involved in it. She was thrilled to know that many big names were associated with the project, including Saurabh Tiwari, who is a well-known name in his own right.


Yukta Sharma was impressed by Raajveer Sharma’s acting skills, which she saw in some clips from his film ‘Ruslaan’. She is confident that working with Raajveer on the set will be a tremendous experience and that it will be reflected in their song. She also revealed that Raajveer pampered her on the set, which made the experience even more enjoyable.

Filmgiants Pvt. Ltd. is producing several web series and films, and they are emerging as one of the biggest production companies in Delhi. Yukta Sharma is under contract with the company for a few more songs, and her shooting is set to start soon.

When asked about the controversies surrounding Raajveer Sharma’s film ‘Ruslaan’, Yukta Sharma had nothing but positive things to say about the film. She had watched the film with Raajveer Sharma, and she thought it was a very good film. She also saw the trailers for Ayush Sharma’s upcoming film and thought they looked nice. However, she believed that both films were good in their own right and should not be compared.

As for the dispute over the title of the film, Yukta Sharma believed that the producers of both films should settle the matter soon so that neither film is affected. She did not want to comment any further on the matter.

Yukta Sharma is very excited about her upcoming music album ‘Apni Mohabbat’, and she is confident that the song will be a huge hit. The promotion and media campaigning for the album have been going well, and she hopes that the public will embrace the song and make it a grand success.


Raajveer Sharma and Yukta Sharma are both talented actors, and their chemistry in the upcoming music album ‘Apni Mohabbat’ is set to be a highlight. With the involvement of big names like Saurabh Tiwari and Filmgiants Pvt. Ltd., the album is sure to be a hit with audiences. We wish the actors and the production team all the best for the upcoming release of ‘Apni Mohabbat’.

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