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Who is Aditi Shetty and what does she love about cars? Aditi Shetty on her love for cars: Cars, for me, meant freedom and independence Actress Aditi Shetty loves cars and they mean more to her than just mere means to travel to places.



Aditi Shetty is an actress who has a love for cars and has been part of Car Girls India. She believes that cars represent freedom and independence, allowing her to travel wherever she wants without depending on anyone, as well as providing safety. Her first big purchase was an i20, which she still drives today.

Aditi also loves the Mercedes AMG GLC 43, as it was the first car she drove while filming Car Girls India. She also has a YouTube show on cars, and believes that the automobile industry has had a significant impact on human evolution. Aditi encourages more women to take an interest in cars, as the industry is considered male-dominated, and believes that the only way to change this is by having more women take to the steering wheel.

I didn’t know how to drive when I purchased the car so the journey of learning and realising how much I enjoyed it was with my i20 and I still drive this baby,” she says. She adds, “I love the Mercedes AMG GLC 43 because that was the first car I drove while filming Car Girls India. Mercedes is known for its safety, luxury and quality and this one is a crossover on steroids. One of the best-looking sport-back SUVs out there.


It’s a powerful beast and I loved driving it.’ She also has a YouTube show on cars. “There are so many shows and channels where men talk about their love and interest for cars and review them. There are so many women who love cars and are interested in everything about cars. I am one of them. So, when my producer Vivek Ganapathy approached me with this concept, I jumped right in. It has been a great ride with Car Girls India, alongside my TV shows Dharampatni and Bhagyalaxmi,” she says.

She says the automobile industry has grown a lot in the past. “If you look at the last century and if there has been one industry that has had the maximum impact on human evolution, it is the automobile industry. Every country’s economy in some form or fashion has been directly impacted positively by the automotive industry and cars have become icons of art, culture and science. Some of the biggest technological breakthroughs have come from the auto industry. Some of the best designs have been seen in cars. Cars and motorbikes are not just about mobility; they are equally about the confluence of science and art and with it, human evolution in the industrial age,” he says.

Talking about her experience with car-shows, she says, “My most favourite experience was when we filmed in the sand dunes in the Thar desert with Mahindra Thar. It was my first ever time dune bashing, it was truly a challenge. My coach from Mahindra Adventure was really impressed by my excitement and quick learning skills, it was an awesome feeling driving on the dunes. I performed some stunts and the off- roading gave me such an adrenaline rush. I loved every bit of it from the sunsets, the food, the people, the culture and tradition of Jaisalmer.

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