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Rajan Shahi Shares Fond Memories of Nitesh Pandey, Former Star of “Anupamaa”



The entertainment industry was left in shock when news broke of the untimely demise of actors Aditya Singh Rajput and Vaibhavi Upadhyay. Tragically, another piece of heartbreaking news soon followed, confirming the passing of actor Nitesh Pandey, known for his role in the television series “Anupamaa.” Nitesh, aged 51, suffered a cardiac arrest on Tuesday, May 23, leaving the industry and his fans mourning his loss.

Nitesh Pandey played a significant cameo role in “Anupamaa,” a popular show that has captured the hearts of viewers. India Forums reached out to the producer of the show, Rajan Shahi, who had known Nitesh for 26 years and had recently spoken to him when Nitesh sent him a painting.

Expressing his shock and sadness, Rajan Shahi shared his memories of Nitesh, stating that they had known each other for over two decades. They had initially met through a common friend during a time when they were both struggling in their respective fields. According to Shahi, Nitesh was a pleasant person who exuded a zest for life. He was down-to-earth, composed, and maintained a calm demeanor. Although they weren’t in regular touch, they shared a good rapport.


Their collaboration on the show “Kuch Toh Log Kahaenge” in 2011 further strengthened their bond. Nitesh portrayed a beautiful role, which reflected his real-life persona. When Shahi approached Nitesh for “Anupamaa,” despite having prior commitments, he agreed to be a part of the show without even listening to the role. On set, Nitesh expressed how much he enjoyed being there and mentioned that he would have loved to be a regular part of the show had he not had prior commitments.

The last communication between Rajan Shahi and Nitesh Pandey occurred on May 3rd when Nitesh randomly sent Shahi a landscape painting he had created. The painting depicted picturesque scenery and held a sentimental value. Shahi fondly remembers this last interaction with Nitesh.

He prays for Nitesh, wherever he may be, and hopes that he is in a peaceful place, just like the serene setting of the painting. Shahi extends his deepest condolences to Nitesh’s family and wishes them strength during this difficult time. He acknowledges Nitesh as a talented artist and a kind-hearted individual, which is rare in an industry often filled with negativity and controversies. Shahi emphasizes the value of professionalism and cherishes the opportunity to have known someone like Nitesh.

Currently away from Mumbai, Rajan Shahi intends to meet Nitesh Pandey’s family as soon as he returns. He wants to personally offer his support and condolences to them during this challenging period.

Apart from his role in “Anupamaa,” Nitesh Pandey has made appearances in various serials such as “Manzilein Apani Apani,” “Astitva…Ek Prem Kahani,” “Saaya,” “Justajoo,” and “Durgesh Nandini.” He has also worked in films like “Om Shanti Om” and “Badhaai Do.”


The passing of Nitesh Pandey has left a void in the entertainment industry, with his colleagues and fans mourning the loss of a talented actor and a wonderful human being. Rajan Shahi, who shared a special bond with Nitesh, remembers him fondly and acknowledges his professionalism and positive demeanor. As the industry continues to come to terms with this tragedy, Nites