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Nia Tripathi and Ruslaan Mumtaz’s Sizzling Chemistry in “Ghodi Leke Aaja” Leaves Fans Breathless



Nia Tripathi and Ruslaan Mumtaz are setting screens on fire with their sizzling chemistry in the newly released song, “Ghodi Leke Aaja.” The romantic track, sung by Senjuti Das and composed by Jitul Boro, is a perfect mix of dance and romance. The song is dedicated to all those who have experienced their first love during their college years and is sure to bring back memories of those sweet moments.

Nia Tripathi, who looks stunning in a black outfit, is a South Indian actress who has worked in films such as Balamevvadu and Pocket Maar. With “Ghodi Leke Aaja,” she makes her debut in Bollywood. Ruslaan Mumtaz, on the other hand, is an experienced actor who has worked in both television and films.

The chemistry between Nia and Ruslaan is simply breathtaking. It is evident that the two actors have put in a lot of effort to make their on-screen romance look realistic and natural. In an interview, Ruslaan spoke highly of his co-actor Nia and praised her for her hard work, dedication, and talent. He also stated that he had a blast working with her and wished her a bright future in the industry.

Nia also had some kind words to say about her co-actors and the production team. She described Ruslaan as a great actor who was experienced yet very grounded and easy to work with. She also praised the director, choreographers, and co-producer for their hard work and dedication to the project.


The lyrics of “Ghodi Leke Aaja” are beautiful and have been penned down by Puja Singh. The song promises to be a breathtaking album that is expected to be enjoyed by everyone who has fallen in love during their college years. The music video is produced by Benediction Films and co-produced by Sandeep Agarwal. It is directed by Vijay Bute, who has done a fantastic job of capturing the essence of the song.

Overall, “Ghodi Leke Aaja” is a beautiful song that is sure to be a hit among fans of romantic music. The chemistry between Nia and Ruslaan is electric, and their performances are outstanding. The production team has done a fantastic job of creating a visually stunning music video that perfectly complements the romantic track. As Nia embarks on her Bollywood journey with this song, fans are excited to see what she has in store for them in the future.

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