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Madalsa Sharma Opens Up About the Story Behind Her Holy Cross and Rosary Tattoo



In the world of entertainment, actors often express themselves through various forms of self-expression, and tattoos have become a popular choice for many. One such actor who has beautifully showcased her beliefs and spirituality through body art is Madalsa Sharma, known for her role in the hit television show “Anupamaa.”

Madalsa recently shared the story behind her tattoo, a Holy Cross with a Rosary, inked on the back of her left shoulder. The tattoo holds great significance in her life and has garnered admiration from those who have noticed it.

Madalsa explains that tattoos have been a part of human culture for a long time, and each person who chooses to get one has a personal reason behind their decision. For her, the Holy Cross tattoo holds a special place in her heart. When people notice her tattoo, they are instantly drawn to its uniqueness and find it attractive. The symbolism of having Jesus Christ’s cross inked on her body is easily understood, and Madalsa often receives compliments for her choice of tattoo.


Reflecting back, Madalsa recalls the time she got the tattoo done at the age of 20. It was a spontaneous decision that occurred while accompanying a friend to a tattoo parlor. As she sat there, she realized she also wanted to have a tattoo. The idea of having the cross of Lord Christ permanently etched on her back resonated deeply with her. She describes the experience as something she cherishes, as it represents her love for her faith and has become an integral part of her life’s journey.

Describing the details of her tattoo, Madalsa reveals that it features a Holy Cross with a Rosary entwined around it. The placement of the tattoo on her back holds significant meaning for her. She believes that Lord Jesus always watches over and protects her, and having the tattoo on her back symbolizes this unwavering support. It gives her a sense of belonging and strength, acting as a constant reminder of her faith.

Beyond the aesthetic appeal and symbolism, Madalsa’s tattoo also holds immense emotional value. She shares that her upbringing has been deeply rooted in the Catholic way of life, as her mother follows the Christian faith. Going to church regularly and celebrating Catholic festivals with utmost joy has been a part of her family’s routine.

Madalsa’s favorite times of the year are Christmas and Easter, as they hold special meaning and bring her immense peace. Whether she is attending church services or simply closing her eyes and praying, she finds solace in her faith. This emotional connection to her tattoo stems from the profound impact her faith has had on her existence throughout her life.

When asked if there are any plans for additional tattoos in the future, Madalsa playfully responds that she has something in mind but is unsure about the timing of its realization. She teasingly hints at revealing her plans when the time is right, leaving her fans curious about what she may choose next.


Madalsa Sharma’s Holy Cross and Rosary tattoo beautifully encapsulate her deep-rooted faith and the emotional connection she shares with her Christian upbringing. The tattoo serves as a personal testimony to her spirituality, offering her strength, comfort, and a sense of identity. As Madalsa continues to captivate audiences with her talent, her tattoo stands as a symbol of her unwavering devotion and serves as a reminder of the power of faith.

Madalsa Sharma’s Holy Cross and Rosary tattoo exemplify how individuals use tattoos as a means of personal expression and connection to their beliefs. Madalsa’s choice to permanently ink the symbol of her faith showcases her deep-rooted spirituality and the emotional value she attaches to her Christian upbringing. Her tattoo not only adds to her overall persona but also serves as a constant reminder of her unw

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