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Kabir Bedi Makes His Kannada Film Debut in “Koragajja”: A New Chapter for the Veteran Actor



Renowned Bollywood and Hollywood actor Kabir Bedi is set to make his debut in the Kannada film industry with the upcoming movie “Koragajja.” Known for his distinctive baritone voice and international acclaim, Bedi’s entry into the regional cinema marks an exciting new chapter in his illustrious career. Recently spotted dubbing for the film in Mumbai, Bedi shared insights about the storyline, his character, and his experience of working in a different language for the first time.

“Koragajja” is produced by Trivikram Sapalya and directed by Sudhir Attavar. The film, under the banner of Druthi Creations and Success Films, features a talented ensemble cast including Kabir Bedi, Sandip Soparkar, Shruti, Bhavya, and Naveen Padil. It also introduces newcomers Bharat Suriya and Ritika. The musical composition is handled by Sudhir-Krishna, while the editing is done by Suresh (known for films like “Bombay” and “Dil Se”) and Vidyadhar Shetty.

In the movie, Kabir Bedi portrays the role of a king. Reflecting on his character, Bedi expressed, “Although I have played the role of a king many times before, this is the first time I am portraying a South Indian king, which has been a new and beautiful experience for me.


Working in a Kannada film has been a great and special experience. The film revolves around the story of a tribal boy who lived 800 years ago and is still revered and worshipped today. There is a temple dedicated to him.

This narrative has deep roots, and I am glad that a film has been made to showcase this story. Director Sudhir Attavar’s talent and meticulousness are evident in the way he has crafted this film, and I believe it will deeply touch the hearts of the audience.”

Director Sudhir Attavar expressed his pride in working with a veteran actor like Kabir Bedi, describing it as a tremendous experience. When Attavar initially sent Bedi the script, he had no certainty about whether the actor would accept the role.

However, Bedi not only agreed to work on the project but also provided immense support throughout the filmmaking process. Despite being unfamiliar with the Kannada language and its nuances, Bedi delivered his dialogues flawlessly, impressing the director and the entire team. Attavar shared, “I wouldn’t say I directed him in this film; instead, I learned a great deal from Kabir Sir. It was a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience for me.”

Attavar further explained, “Extensive research and interactions with tribal communities helped me gain valuable insights into the subject matter. Several producers and directors had attempted to bring this story to the screen, but I consider myself blessed to have been given the opportunity to make this film and collaborate with a legendary actor like Kabir Bedi.”


Expressing his thoughts on the project, Kabir Bedi said, “This film is truly unique, with an excellent cast, a skilled director, and a visionary producer. The story has the power to touch people’s hearts. In delivering the Kannada dialogues and dubbing, I have put in my 100% effort to ensure the perfect delivery of lines. I strongly believe in striving for perfection in my work.”

“Koragajja” promises to be a milestone in Kabir Bedi’s career, as he ventures into the Kannada film industry and brings his expertise and passion to the project. With an intriguing storyline and the collaboration of talented individuals.

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