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Identical twins Surabhi and Samriddhi share their unique bond on Siblings Day 2023




On the occasion of Siblings Day 2023, identical twins Surabhi and Samriddhi Mehra, popularly known as Chinki-Minki, open up about their special bond and twin telepathy. The sisters share how they fall sick at the same time, act the same way, and always know what the other person is thinking. They also reveal how they successfully befool people with their striking similarities.

Twin telepathy and synchronized actions

The Mehra sisters have a unique connection that many people find fascinating. They claim to have twin telepathy, where they can read each other’s thoughts. They know what the other person is thinking at every moment of the day. Moreover, their actions are also synchronized. They wave at the same time, put down their hands at the same moment, and have similar gestures and expressions. This synchronization often freaks out others, but for them, it is entirely natural.

Sharing illness and minor personality differences


The sisters have an uncanny ability to share not only their thoughts and actions but also their illnesses. When one of them falls sick, the other takes to the bed too. Despite being identical copies of each other, they do have some minor personality differences. Surabhi is more anxious, while Samriddhi is the calmer one. Also, there is a slight difference in the tone when they speak, which only a few close ones can spot.

Successful befooling and finding middle ground

The sisters have a great sense of humor and often use their similarities to fool others. On April Fools’ Day, Samriddhi pretended to be Surabhi and called a friend of theirs, telling him that Surabhi had a crush on him. The friend was left confused and baffled, not knowing what was happening. Although they do have arguments, they hardly ever fight. Whenever there is a disagreement, they find a middle ground by dividing the day into two halves and taking charge of each half.

Immense love and a beautiful bond

Surabhi and Samriddhi’s bond is an excellent example of the beautiful relationship between siblings. They have immense love and respect for each other, and their bond only seems to grow stronger with time. Their unique connection and striking similarities make them stand out in a crowd, but their beautiful bond is what makes them truly special.


The Mehra sisters’ twin telepathy and synchronized actions are a testament to their unique bond. Their shared illnesses, minor personality differences, and ability to befool others with their similarities add to their charm. Most importantly, their immense love and beautiful bond make them stand out as an example of sibling relationships. On Siblings Day, their story is a reminder of the beauty and magic of sibling connections.

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