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Chitra Vakil Sharma’s New Show for Atrangii TV Marks Sana Amin Sheikh’s TV Comeback Venture



Sana Amin Sheikh, a prominent name in the world of television and films, is all set to make her comeback on the small screen with Chitra Vakil Sharma’s upcoming show for Atrangii TV. Known for her impressive performances in popular TV shows like “Pratigya,” “Kya Mast Hai Life,” “Mera Naam Karegi Roshan,” and “Gustakh Dil,” as well as her roles in films such as “Singham” and “Table No. 21,” Sana has garnered a significant fan following. Her return to television has created a buzz among her fans, who are eagerly anticipating her new venture.

Reports suggest that Sana will be playing the lead role in the show opposite Sahil Phull, known for his work in “Dosti Anokhi.” The show will explore a socially relevant topic, adding depth and meaning to the narrative. Sana has already begun her preparations for the character, and her fans can expect to see a new and refreshing side of her in the upcoming show.

Chitra Vakil Sharma, the creator of the new show, is a notable figure in the industry. The show is being produced under the banner of TSM Productions, known for their successful OTT project “Tandoor.” Chitra served as the associate producer for “Tandoor” and has also been involved in the production of projects like “Rakhtanchal” and “Bhram.” With an intriguing concept in the works, the casting process and pre-production for the show are currently underway.


The casting director for the show is the renowned Deepak Joshi, who has worked on several top TV shows in the industry. While specific details regarding the characters and the overall concept of the show have been kept under wraps, it is expected that more information will be unveiled soon, keeping the audience eager and intrigued.

Sana Amin Sheikh’s return to television marks an exciting chapter in her career. Her versatility and ability to portray a wide range of characters have made her a popular choice among viewers. With her previous successful ventures in both TV and films, fans are eagerly awaiting her comeback and are excited to witness her captivating performances once again.

Television shows that address socially relevant topics have gained significant popularity in recent years. Viewers appreciate narratives that shed light on important issues and initiate conversations. Chitra Vakil Sharma’s new show seems to be following this trend, promising to deliver thought-provoking content while keeping the audience entertained.

As the show progresses, it is expected to create an emotional connect with the viewers, delving into relevant social issues and offering valuable insights. Sana Amin Sheikh’s portrayal of the lead character will undoubtedly add depth and authenticity to the storytelling, further enhancing the impact of the show.

The collaboration between Chitra Vakil Sharma, TSM Productions, and Atrangii TV has generated anticipation among industry insiders and viewers alike. With a team that has previously delivered successful projects, expectations are high for this new venture.


The combined expertise of the production team, the creative vision of Chitra Vakil Sharma, and the talent of the cast, including Sana Amin Sheikh and Sahil Phull, promise an engaging and captivating television experience.

Sana Amin Sheikh’s TV comeback in Chitra Vakil Sharma’s upcoming show for Atrangii TV has generated excitement among her fans and the television industry. With the show set to explore socially relevant themes, viewers can expect a thought-provoking narrative that aims to entertain and educate simultaneously. As the project progresses, more details will be revealed, building anticipation for the show

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