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Arpit Ranka on His Journey to Bollywood and His Memorable Debut in Bholaa




Arpit Ranka’s Journey from Mahabharat to Bholaa: A 10-year wait for the perfect debut

After gaining popularity with his portrayal of Duryodhana in the 2013 television series Mahabharat, Arpit Ranka had to wait for ten long years to make his debut in Hindi films. However, his wait was worth it as he made a memorable debut with Ajay Devgn’s Bholaa, where he played the role of Bhuraa, one of the negative leads. Arpit has been receiving great feedback for his performance in the film, and in this article, we will delve into his journey to Bollywood and his experience of working in Bholaa.

Arpit always dreamt of acting in Hindi films, and after gaining recognition for his work in Mahabharat, he hoped to make his foray into Bollywood soon. However, despite receiving offers, things did not materialize until he landed the role of Bhuraa in Bholaa. Interestingly, the actor credits his visit to the Mahakal temple in Ujjain for getting him the part. He had auditioned for the film and later went on a visit to the temple. A few days later, he received a call to visit Ajay Devgn’s office for the role, and to his surprise, he found an idol of Mahakal in the actor’s office. The coincidence gave him the feeling that the role was meant to be his.

Arpit’s first day of the shoot was on his birthday, and he had to share the screen with the talented actors Ajay Devgn and Tabu. Naturally, he was nervous, but both Ajay and Tabu made him feel comfortable on the set. Arpit was all praise for Ajay Devgn, who not only played the lead role but also directed the film. He said that Ajay was extremely passionate and dedicated and would visit the set before the call time to ensure that everything was in place. Despite his years of experience in the industry, Ajay had the hunger to be the best, which Arpit found inspiring.


In Bholaa, Arpit plays a negative character, and he had to give importance to his body language and eyes while preparing for the role. He knew that Ajay Devgn is known for his intense acting through his eyes, and he wanted to ensure that his eyes did justice to the character. Arpit also paid attention to his physique and appearance, which had always been appreciated in his previous roles. However, this time, he received feedback on his acting, which he found very gratifying. He believes that Bholaa is the best debut he could have asked for, and the reviews of the film have also mentioned him.

What makes Arpit’s debut even more memorable is that he is the only actor in the film who has beaten up Ajay Devgn on screen. The action sequence took place in front of a big idol of Mahakal, which Arpit found surreal as his journey to the role had started with his visit to the Mahakal temple. He believes that the experience of working with Ajay Devgn and the feedback he has received for his performance will help him grow as an actor.

During the premiere of Bholaa, Ajay Devgn praised Arpit’s performance and encouraged him as an artist. This, according to Arpit, was the best compliment he could have received. He is looking forward to working with Ajay Devgn again and hopes to get more opportunities to showcase his acting skills.

Arpit Ranka’s journey to Bollywood has been a long and eventful one, but his debut in Bholaa has made it all worth it. He has not only received great feedback for his performance but has also learned a lot from working with Ajay Devgn

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