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Ankit Siwach on the Ups and Downs of an Actor’s Career: Embracing Change and Growth



Actor Ankit Siwach emphasizes the inevitability of ups and downs in an actor’s career. He acknowledges that every artist goes through different phases, experiencing both success and challenges.

Ankit believes that accepting these fluctuations is essential for personal and professional growth. In this article, we explore Ankit’s perspective on the nature of the entertainment industry, his own journey, and his aspirations for the future.

The Rollercoaster of an Actor’s Career:

Ankit Siwach acknowledges that stability in an actor’s career is a rare occurrence. He recognizes that the entertainment industry is highly competitive, and success is often accompanied by setbacks. Ankit states that rather than reacting negatively to these ups and downs, it is crucial to accept change and keep working hard. Reflecting on his own career, Ankit expresses gratitude for the opportunities he has received and the characters he has portrayed. He attributes his achievements to hard work and perseverance.


The Learning Curve of Struggles:

Ankit Siwach believes that struggles are an inherent part of an actor’s journey. While the level of difficulty may vary, everyone faces their own challenges. Ankit admits that there have been instances where he missed out on certain opportunities or roles that he wanted to be a part of at the time. However, as years passed, he realized that everything happens for a reason. He emphasizes that struggles and missed opportunities serve as valuable lessons, shaping an actor’s path and helping them grow.

Survival of the Fittest:

In a highly competitive field like the entertainment industry, Ankit acknowledges that there are numerous individuals vying for limited opportunities. He emphasizes the law of the jungle, where someone’s loss becomes another person’s gain. Ankit believes that it is a matter of luck as well as talent, as artistic endeavors are subjective and cannot be quantified. While everyone works hard and gives their best, it is ultimately up to the makers and the audience to determine the success of a project or the suitability of a role.

Expanding Horizons and Aspirations:


Ankit Siwach reveals his aspirations to explore different platforms and mediums. While he continues to audition for television shows, he is particularly interested in pursuing opportunities in web series and films. Ankit expresses his enthusiasm for the evolving landscape of digital entertainment and his eagerness to be a part of high-quality projects. He mentions his desire to make a transition and his hyperactive approach towards seeking opportunities in the web and film industry.

The Dream Role: Katha:

Reflecting on a missed opportunity, Ankit mentions a TV show called Katha on Sony TV. He reveals that he tested for the show and was captivated by the storyline and the creative vision behind it. Seeing the show’s promo, Ankit expresses a deep longing to have been a part of Katha as it embodied the kind of work he aspires to do on television. This highlights his passion for meaningful and challenging roles that resonate with him personally.

The Importance of Continuous Growth:

Ankit Siwach emphasizes the significance of constant growth and self-reflection. He believes in practicing the basics consistently, remaining self-aware, and analyzing oneself and the surroundings. By sticking to the fundamentals and maintaining a strong work ethic, Ankit believes an artist can navigate the challenges of their career successfully. He stresses the importance of staying focused, being consistent, and constantly honing one’s craft.


Ankit Siwach’s perspective on an actor’s career provides valuable insights into the realities of the entertainment industry. His understanding of the ups and downs, as well as the importance of embracing change and personal growth, demonstrates a mature approach. As he sets his sights on expanding his horizons,

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