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Health is Wealth: Celebrities on how they keep themselves fit and active

Health is Wealth: Celebrities on how they keep themselves fit and active



Health is Wealth: Celebrities on how they keep themselves fit and active

Aadesh Chaudhary
The best healthy practice I do is early morning walk which I started from a month of something apart from Yoga and exercises. Early morning air is good for the body. Start waking up early and start walking. I do yoga, exercises and a mix of everything. Alternate days I do these exercises. I have been told by many people that I should start meditation since I had anger issues. So with physical health, mental health is equally important.

Robin Sohi
I don’t like gymming so what helps me is running and cycling. Due to hectic shoot schedules going to the gym becomes difficult. Since my childhood I was inclined more towards cycling, sports and running. I don’t want to be an actor with six pack abs. I want to be a normal guy with a fit body. When you do running it helps you feel fresh and takes away stress and also gets rid of fats. For your mental health you should be happy and laughing and keep having healthy food and avoid junk. Yes, we do keep talking about health but the plan isn’t executed. It’s better to keep doing a natural workout outdoors. Everyone should keep doing exercises and yoga for a healthy and well balanced life.

Mridul Kumar
I make sure that whenever I get time I go to gym or go for a run. Taking care of your health is extremely important. I also do yoga sometimes to be mentally fit and I also make sure to eat on time and avoid outside food. I avoid sweet and salty foods and taking care of such things can keep you fit. Doing exercise such as running or cycling or any form of exercise makes you feel fit and your energy and stamina builds up. To stay healthy I would say that you should avoid eating late at night and should stay away from smoking and drinking. Also one should start taking care of their health and should avoid keeping things for the next moment like going to gym or cycling tomorrow which never comes.

Megha Chakraborty
I have started going for a walk or I do cardio for half an hour in the morning either in the gym or in a park. I prefer the outdoors more but I go to the gym too sometimes. For me, a half an hour walk has helped me keep myself healthy and fit. Everyone should try to take out time out of their busy schedule and meditate for 10 mins. Not stressing your body too much and doing simple exercises can help a lot. I saw a lot of changes in my life and I feel healthy.


Rishina Kandhari
The first and most important healthy practice that I do is I finish my dinner by 7pm and don’t eat anything after that till 7.30 am in the morning. Also, I eat healthy and in small portions, and I eat in intervals. Like every three-four hours you’ll see me eating. Our healthy bodies are made in the kitchen, and not in the gym, so you have to practice eating healthy and not junk

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