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Vicky Kaushal Opens Up About His Deep Love for Katrina Kaif and His Mother



Vicky Kaushal, the popular Bollywood actor, recently opened up about the significant women in his life Katrina Kaif, his wife, and his mother Veena Kaushal. During an Instagram chat session with his fans, Vicky was asked about the one person in his life who means everything to him.

In response, he shared a heartwarming picture of his wife Katrina and his mother hugging each other, symbolizing their importance to him. This gesture left Vicky’s fans in awe, showcasing his love and respect for both these women.

Vicky Kaushal, known as the heartthrob of the industry, enjoys a massive female fan following. However, he remains committed and deeply devoted to his wife Katrina Kaif, earning him the reputation of a true gentleman.


Alongside his love for Katrina, Vicky expressed the immense significance of his mother in his life. He often speaks about the valuable lessons he has learned from her and how she has had a profound impact on him.

During the trailer launch of his film “Zara Hatke Zara Bachke,” Vicky was asked a provocative question: if he found someone better than Katrina, would he consider divorcing her?

In response, Vicky affirmed that his relationship with Katrina goes beyond any limitations and is built on eternal love. His answer once again showcased his unwavering devotion to his wife.

Vicky Kaushal acknowledges that he may not be perfect in any aspect of his life, be it as a husband, son, friend, or actor. He believes that perfection is an elusive concept, constantly pursued but never fully attained.

Nevertheless, Vicky strives to be the best version of himself as a husband, always putting in effort to strengthen his relationship with Katrina.


Together, Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif form a powerful couple in Bollywood, capturing the hearts of countless fans. Their love and admiration for each other are evident, as they continue to support and uplift one another. The couple’s immense popularity and fan following further solidify their status as one of the most celebrated pairs in the industry.