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Urvashi Rautela Stuns in Ziad Nakad’s Unique Green Feather Headgear at Cannes Film Festival Day 6



The Cannes Film Festival has always been a platform for celebrities to showcase their impeccable style and glamorous presence on the red carpet. This year, Bollywood sensation Urvashi Rautela has been making waves with her stunning appearances at the prestigious event.

On Day 6 of the festival, Urvashi once again captured the attention of the fashion world as she graced the red carpet in a breathtaking gown adorned with a lavish green feather headgear, all courtesy of Ziad Nakad’s Spring Summer 2023 Couture Collection.

Urvashi Rautela looked nothing short of a vision as she stepped onto the red carpet, radiating elegance and grace. Her ensemble featured a figure-hugging silhouette with intricate feather and sequin embellishments that shimmered with every step she took.


The gown, seemingly made of feathers, boasted trailing sleeve attachments that she playfully tossed up, adding an element of drama to her already captivating look. The plunging neckline added a touch of sensuality, while the cascading feathers created a sense of grandeur, befitting the Cannes red carpet.

What truly set Urvashi’s look apart was the exquisite feathery headpiece she adorned. The headpiece perfectly matched the gown’s intricate feather detailing, adding an ethereal charm to her overall appearance. The combination of the feathered gown and the mesmerizing headpiece created a visually stunning ensemble that showcased Urvashi’s fearless approach to fashion.

To complete her look, Urvashi opted for dramatic earrings and rings that added a touch of glamour and sparkle. The dangling earrings drew attention to her radiant smile, while the rings adorned her fingers, adding an extra layer of elegance. These accessories served as the perfect finishing touches, enhancing the overall appeal of her ensemble without overpowering the stunning gown and headpiece.

Urvashi Rautela’s fans were left in awe of her stunning appearance, taking to social media to express their admiration. Many praised her for her talent and applauded her for representing Indian talent on a global stage. Her unique and bold fashion choices have consistently impressed her followers, and this particular look was no exception.

With each red carpet appearance, Urvashi Rautela continues to showcase her versatility and elegance. Her fearless approach to fashion allows her to effortlessly pull off ensembles that are both glamorous and unique. Urvashi’s presence at the Cannes Film Festival has been a testament to her impeccable style and her ability to make a lasting impression.


As the festival progresses, fans eagerly await Urvashi Rautela’s future red carpet appearances, anticipating more stunning looks that push the boundaries of fashion. Her consistent ability to captivate the audience with her fashion-forward choices solidifies her status as a style icon.

Urvashi Rautela’s remarkable presence at the Cannes Film Festival reaffirms her position as one of Bollywood’s leading fashionistas. Her impeccable style and glamorous persona continue to make waves not only in India but also on the international stage. With her fearless fashion choices and impeccable red carpet appearances, Urvashi Rautela is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the world of fashion.