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“TV Provides More Stability and Higher Pay than Films and OTT, says Actress Monika Khanna”



Actress Monika Khanna believes that television is a more secure medium than films and OTT. According to her, there are many actors who have made a name for themselves on television and are doing well. In a recent interview, the actress who plays the role of Latika in Durga aur Charu on Colors TV, stated that television provides more stability and higher pay than films and OTT.

Khanna’s statement may come as a surprise to many, as television is often considered to be the lesser medium compared to films and OTT. However, the actress is not alone in her opinion. Many actors have made a successful career on television, and the medium has been a launchpad for several big names in the entertainment industry.

Khanna believes that stability is essential in the entertainment industry. Television provides that stability because a show can last for years. Unlike films and OTT, which have a fixed script and a pre-decided end date, television shows can go on for a long time, with new twists and characters added regularly. This works well for actors who want a long-term commitment and a steady source of income.


The actress also feels that working on television fetches more money than films and OTT. Many actors who are good at their job have secured themselves on television and continue to work on the medium. Television has a vast audience base, and the popularity of a show can translate into higher pay for its actors.

Khanna’s views on bullying in the industry echo those of Priyanka Chopra, who recently spoke about the bullying she faced in Bollywood. The actress believes that bullying, politics, and pressure are prevalent in all industries, not just entertainment. However, because the entertainment industry is an open book, people are more interested in knowing what is happening.

According to Khanna, newcomers should be judged on the basis of their craft and nothing else. Bullying should not be tolerated, and if faced with it, one must be capable of standing up for oneself. The actress believes that it is essential to speak one’s mind and handle pressure on one’s own.

Khanna has not been a part of any Bollywood project, and she acknowledges that the industry is not a cakewalk. For outsiders who do not have a godfather in Bollywood, it is tough to make a mark. However, Khanna believes that hard work, dedication, and talent can help one succeed in the industry.

Monika Khanna’s views on television as a medium may challenge the popular perception of the entertainment industry. The stability and higher pay that television provides can be attractive to actors who are looking for a steady source of income. While bullying and pressure are prevalent in all industries, Khanna believes that speaking one’s mind and standing up for oneself is crucial to winning one’s battles.


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