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Should we be open about talking to sex? Celebrities give their views

Should we be open about talking to sex? Celebrities give their views



Should we be open about talking to sex? Celebrities give their views

Sex has been a taboo topic for a long time in India, especially among women. Even men find it difficult to speak about it openly. However, some celebrities have voiced their opinions on whether or not we should be open about discussing sex.

Nivedita Basu believes that talking about sex in India will always be a taboo subject. She thinks that it’s just the way people have been brought up for centuries. However, she believes that if we start teaching sex education in schools and make it comfortable for children to speak to their parents or friends, we could start to see a change.

Akash Sharma believes that if we are more open about sex, we could prevent many sexual assaults and crimes. He thinks that relationships would be healthier and more committed, and the youth would be more educated and responsible. He suggests teaching the younger generation everything they need to know about indulging in casual sex and how to prevent many STD diseases. He believes that communicating needs will strengthen relationships and make the youth more verbal and open.

Aadesh Chaudhary feels that society is too judgmental, and even if we had freedom of speech, nothing would change. He is unsure whether we should be talking about sex more openly or not.


Anurag Desiworldwide, on the other hand, disagrees with the idea of being more open about sex. He thinks that India has a rich culture and tradition that makes it unique. He does not agree with people who want to act western and give up on their own culture and traditions. He believes that there should be a boundary between wishful thinking and culture and traditions.

Mitaali Nag thinks that it is ironic that India is the land of Kamasutra and Khajuraho temples, yet sex is still taboo. She believes that talking about sex should be normalised, and men should not cross any limits when hearing women speak about it. She thinks that as long as we treat sex as normal, it will be discussed normally.

Ekta Sharma does not understand why sex is still a taboo subject in India. She believes that sex is a natural need, and there is no harm in talking about it or expressing your feelings about it. She thinks that love and sex are interconnected, and sex education should be mandatory in schools. She believes that parents should not make their children feel guilty or ashamed to talk about sex.

In conclusion, the views of these celebrities are varied, and it is clear that there are still conflicting opinions on whether or not we should be more open about discussing sex in India. However, it is important to consider the benefits of having an open discussion on this topic, as it could help prevent sexual crimes, make relationships healthier, and educate the youth. It is up to society to decide whether or not they want to embrace this change

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