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Salman Khan Slams Awards Shows, Fans Hail the Actor for Speaking Out



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Bollywood Actor Exposes the Lack of Originality in Film Awards

Salman Khan, one of Bollywood’s biggest stars, has never been one to shy away from speaking his mind. Known for his straightforward attitude and personality, the actor has always been vocal about his opinions on various issues, including the Indian film industry. Recently, at the launch event of the 68th Filmfare Awards 2023, Salman Khan took the opportunity to expose the lack of originality in film awards.

In the press conference, Salman Khan spoke on various topics surrounding the industry, including the awards shows. The actor, who has been ruling the cinema for three decades now, knows the insight into the industry. Starting his career as an actor in 1988, he is now one of the most successful and powerful producers in Bollywood. At the age of 57 years, he is still killing it on silver screens and enjoys a crazy fanbase.

Salman Khan did not hold back in castigating the awards shows. He stated that awards are given to the ones who are present or whoever performed, and there is no originality left. The genuineness of an award has vanished, and if someone is close to the host, then that particular person is receiving back-to-back awards. The video of him criticizing the awards show is going viral on social media, and fans are hailing the Tiger Zinda Hai star.


Fans are calling it a “Bhaijaan” thing, as Salman Khan has always been known for speaking his mind. Netizens are hailing him for denouncing the lack of originality in film awards at an awards press conference. A Twitter user said, “Only Bhaijaan can do this,” while another said, “Bhai on Fire.”

Salman Khan’s comments on film awards come at a time when there has been a growing concern over the credibility of awards shows in the Indian film industry. In recent years, there have been several controversies over the nomination and selection process of film awards. Critics have raised questions about the fairness and transparency of the process, which has led to a growing sense of disillusionment among filmmakers and audiences alike.

Salman Khan’s statements are a reflection of this growing sense of disillusionment. The actor, who has been a part of the industry for so many years, knows the inner workings of the industry and is in a unique position to comment on the issue. His comments have struck a chord with fans who have been increasingly vocal about their disappointment with the film awards.

Salman Khan’s comments on film awards have exposed the lack of originality in the Indian film industry. His statements have struck a chord with fans who have been increasingly disillusioned with the credibility of awards shows. It remains to be seen whether his comments will have any impact on the industry, but one thing is for sure – Salman Khan’s fans will continue to hail him for speaking his mind.