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Perfect Woman Magazine Celebrates International Women’s Day with Perfect Woman Awards 2023

Perfect Woman Magazine Celebrates International Women’s Day with Perfect Woman Awards 2023



Perfect Woman Magazine Celebrates International Women's Day with Perfect Woman Awards 2023

Perfect Woman Magazine, one of the leading publications that celebrate the accomplishments of women, hosted the Perfect Woman Awards 2023 on International Women’s Day. The event was attended by numerous popular TV Celebs and woman achievers from various career fields, who were awarded for their outstanding contributions to society.

Dr. Madhu Chopra, the mother of Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra, was honored with a special award for her dedication to women empowerment. In her video message, she emphasized the true meaning of women empowerment and encouraged all women to be fearless in pursuing their dreams.

Apart from Dr. Chopra, the event also featured a panel discussion with popular TV Celebs Nivedita Basu, Jyothi D Tommar, Shanti Priya, Tanisha Singh, and Anusha Srinivasan Iyer. The discussion revolved around the excellence of women in all walks of life and women empowerment. The panelists highlighted the importance of celebrating imperfections and striving towards being the best version of oneself.

The event was organized by Editor Dr. Khooshi Gurubhai, who is also the driving force behind Perfect Woman Magazine and Events. Together with Chief Editor Dr. Geet S Thakkar, they have been consistently empowering achievers for 13 years now through Perfect Woman events and Perfect Achiever Awards.


The event was graced by the presence of numerous popular TV Celebs, including Shweta Sinha, Mitali Nag, Priya Ahuja, Aasiya Kazi, Nivedita Basu, Archana T Sharma, Munira Kudrati, Vedieka Dutt, Jyothi D Tommaar, Mansi Jain, Binaiferr Kohli, Charul Malik, Nikita Rawal, Ruchi Gujjar, Shanthi Priya, and Sonali Jain, among others.

The Perfect Woman Awards 2023 was a celebration of the accomplishments of women and their contributions to society. The event was a reminder that women are capable of achieving greatness in all fields of life and that their achievements should be celebrated and honored

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