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Nikhil Nanda Talks About His Natural Fitness Regime

Nikhil Nanda Talks About His Natural Fitness Regime



Nikhil Nanda Talks About His Natural Fitness Regime

Entrepreneur, filmmaker, and actor Nikhil Nanda emphasizes the importance of a natural approach to fitness. In a recent interview, he revealed his comprehensive fitness plan and how he never overdoes it.

According to Nikhil, overdoing anything can be bad for one’s health. He believes that fitness is not just about having six-pack abs but achieving real health goals. That’s why he combines yoga and gym workouts three days a week to ensure body flexibility and muscle strength. He also avoids taking any unnatural supplements and relies only on real protein sources such as paneer and sprouts.

Despite being a vegetarian, Nikhil ensures that he gets all the necessary proteins and vitamins for his body. He also undergoes a full-body health checkup every six months to monitor his overall health. Nikhil recommends meditation as a way to calm down and slow the fast pace of modern living.

As a successful entrepreneur and actor, Nikhil understands the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. His natural approach to fitness serves as an inspiration for people who are looking to achieve their fitness goals without resorting to artificial supplements and shortcuts.


In conclusion, Nikhil Nanda’s fitness regime is a testament to the power of a natural and holistic approach to health and wellness. By incorporating yoga, gym workouts, and a healthy diet, he has managed to maintain his physical and mental health. Nikhil’s dedication to fitness is an inspiration for everyone who wants to lead a healthy and fulfilling life