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New Heartbreak Anthem ‘Adhoore Hum’ by Ravator X Gajendra Verma Released by T-Series

New Heartbreak Anthem ‘Adhoore Hum’ by Ravator X Gajendra Verma Released by T-Series



New Heartbreak Anthem 'Adhoore Hum' by Ravator X Gajendra Verma Released by T-Series

T-Series, the popular music label, has recently released its latest heartbreak anthem ‘Adhoore Hum’ produced by music composer Ravator in collaboration with T-Series. The song features the soulful voice of Gajendra Verma and is a heart-wrenching tale of love and separation.

The track starts with a soft melody and gradually transitions into a hard rock space, making it unique and stand out in terms of composition. The perfect blend of Ravator’s music and Gajendra Verma and Adarsh Rao’s vocals make the song a must-listen for all the music enthusiasts out there.

The lyrics of ‘Adhoore Hum’ have been penned by Utsavi Jha and Ravator, which emphasize the pain and emotions of a broken heart. The song is infused with heavy rock beats, making it a powerful track that will surely tug at your heartstrings.

Talking about his collaboration with T-Series, Ravator expressed his happiness and said, “I’m very happy about my first song with T-Series which is truly an honour. Gajendra Verma and Adarsh Rao have really added impact to the lyrics with their vocals.”


Meanwhile, Gajendra Verma said, “Heartbreak tracks have always been lucky for me and have clicked with audiences nationwide. I hope ‘Adhoore Hum’ also resonates with listeners the way my other songs did.”

T-Series’ ‘Adhoore Hum’ with music by Ravator, sung by Gajendra Verma and Adarsh Rao, lyrics by Utsavi Jha and Ravator is now available on T-Series YouTube channel. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the channel and enjoy this beautiful and heart-wrenching track

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