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“Mujhse Kehte To”: Renowned RJ Rekha Launches Her Debut Poetry Collection

“Mujhse Kehte To”: Renowned RJ Rekha Launches Her Debut Poetry Collection



"Mujhse Kehte To": Renowned RJ Rekha Launches Her Debut Poetry Collection

Renowned radio jockey, RJ Rekha, has recently launched her first poetry collection, titled ‘Mujhse Kehte To’. The collection features 70 significant poems on various subjects and was inaugurated at the India International Center Seminar Hall Auditorium, where prominent personalities from the film, media, and literature industry were present to grace the occasion.

The ceremony was attended by eminent personalities like Rakesh Bedi, Sandeep Marwah, Lakshmi Shankar Bajpai, Pandit Suresh Nirav, and Dr. Vivek Gautam. The event was organized with the cooperation and dedication of several institutions and individuals, including senior journalist Ranvir Gehlot, actress Priya Singh, and many others.

During the event, RJ Rekha recited her best poem, leaving the audience spellbound. Her mother, father, former teachers, and listeners from different parts of the country were also present to show their support.

The event also marked the launch of a music album, ‘Bhula Sako To Kaho’, which is based on one of the poems from RJ Rekha’s book. Actress Priya Singh will play the lead role in the album, which is being produced by Ranvir Gehlot.


RJ Rekha’s sensitive heart and her unique writing style have garnered praise from fellow writers and poets present at the event. They all agreed that she has all the qualities to become a great poetess and that she should continue writing.

Overall, the launch of ‘Mujhse Kehte To’ was a grand success, and the collection is expected to be well-received by poetry enthusiasts across the country. With her talent and passion for writing, RJ Rekha is sure to become a well-known name in the world of literature.

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