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Megha Ray’s Stellar Performance in “Sapnon ki Chhalaang”: Embracing a Powerful Character



Actress Megha Ray is garnering immense praise for her portrayal of Radhika in the popular TV show “Sapnon ki Chhalaang.” Produced by Nilanjana Purkayasstha and Herumb Khot’s Invicts T Mediaworks, the show has received a tremendous response from the audience.

Megha Ray expresses her love for her character and shares her experiences working on the series. With her remarkable performance and the show’s empowering storyline, Megha believes “Sapnon ki Chhalaang” will be one of her best works to date.

An Unconventional TV Character:

Megha Ray is thrilled to play the role of Radhika, a character who defies the traditional stereotypes often seen on television. Radhika is a strong-willed and fearless individual who stands up against injustice and condescension.


Megha appreciates her character’s ability to confront problems and address issues head-on, rather than sweeping them under the rug. Radhika’s determination, resilience, and unique perspective on life make her a refreshing departure from the conventional “damsel in distress” archetype.

Balancing Individuality and Adaptability:

Megha admires Radhika’s unwavering sense of self and her ability to uphold her values while respecting diverse opinions. Radhika remains true to herself, holding on to her unique perceptions about life and her value system.

However, she also demonstrates adaptability, adjusting to her surroundings and accepting different schools of thought without passing judgment. This complexity adds depth to Radhika’s character and highlights Megha’s nuanced portrayal.

Bonding with Co-Actors:


Despite the nature of the show’s plot, which prevents Megha from spending extended periods with specific cast members, she has formed a unique bond with each of her co-stars. Megha considers her co-actors as her extended family, consisting of her Jhansi family, Mumbai house family, and office family.

Having experienced difficulties with female friendships in her past, Megha values the camaraderie she shares with her female co-stars. The show’s focus on female friendships resonates with her, reminding her of the feminine presence she missed in her personal life. Additionally, Megha expresses her elation at working with Pulkit, with whom she shares a strong professional bond.

Audience Response and Empowerment:

“Sapnon ki Chhalaang” has received overwhelming appreciation from audiences worldwide. Megha reveals that viewers from different parts of the world have reached out to her, expressing their love for the show. The audience praises the content, performances, and the way the show addresses important issues while providing entertainment.

Megha mentions that the show’s cinematic quality sets it apart from regular daily soaps, making it a unique viewing experience. The empowering narrative that highlights women’s strength resonates with viewers, further enhancing their connection to the show.


Embracing Character Quirks:

As an actor, Megha faced the challenge of adapting to her character’s quirks, such as Radhika’s habit of chewing her hair when stressed. Initially repulsed by the idea, Megha would make faces before every shot requiring her to chew her hair.

However, as she delved deeper into the character, the habit became second nature to her, effortlessly channeling Radhika’s reactions. Megha emphasizes the transformative power of embodying a character and the joy it brings to become someone else on screen.

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