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Harjinder Singh’s Excitement Builds as he Makes his OTT Debut in “Inspector Avinash”: Embracing the Challenges of Playing a Versatile Cop



Harjinder Singh, an upcoming actor, is venturing into the world of OTT with the highly anticipated web series “Inspector Avinash.” Set in the early 90s, the series follows a team of Special Task Force (STF) officers who tackle a rising crime syndicate in Uttar Pradesh.

Harjinder plays one of the STF officers, bringing his talent and enthusiasm to the screen alongside acclaimed actor Randeep Hooda. As he prepares to showcase his acting prowess, Harjinder reveals the excitement and challenges he encountered while portraying a cop who can seamlessly blend into the public and fight crime when necessary.

A Promising Project:


Harjinder expresses his enthusiasm for being part of “Inspector Avinash,” highlighting the long series format that allows characters to evolve and grow with each episode. His character, a young and ambitious STF officer, is determined to prove his worth and make a lasting impression within the department. With the opportunity to captivate audiences over an extended period, Harjinder sees this as a significant milestone in his career.

Immersing into the Role:

The plot of “Inspector Avinash” revolves around the intense action and high-stakes investigations carried out by the STF officers. To authentically portray his character, Harjinder had to adapt to the demeanor and mannerisms of the local populace.

He needed to understand the tone, tenor, and gait of the area, allowing him to blend seamlessly into the public while maintaining his incognito status. Additionally, Harjinder had to master the art of transitioning from a civilian to an STF officer, which posed a unique challenge. The actor embraced the opportunity to explore the character’s complexities and bring them to life on screen.

Learning from Accomplished Co-Stars:


Harjinder considers himself fortunate to have worked with acclaimed actor Randeep Hooda in “Inspector Avinash.” Sharing screen space with someone experienced and talented provided him with valuable learning experiences.

Randeep’s presence helped set the tone and precedent for the entire series, allowing each character to evolve effectively. Harjinder also acknowledges the contribution of other actors in the show, who brought their expertise to the table, providing invaluable insights and enhancing his portrayal of the character.

Overcoming Challenges:

The release of “Inspector Avinash” faced unexpected delays, but Harjinder remains undeterred and focused on delivering his best performance. He understands that setbacks are part of the industry and has faith in the strength of the content. Harjinder believes that good content always finds its way to shine, regardless of the challenges faced along the way.

A Promising Future:


Looking ahead, Harjinder envisions himself taking on diverse roles and playing impactful characters. He aspires to grow not only as a celebrity but also as an actor, continuously pushing his boundaries and exploring new horizons. Harjinder’s dedication and determination are evident as he strives to leave a lasting impression through his performances.

Alternative Paths and Family Support:

Had he not pursued acting, Harjinder reveals that he would have been involved in his family’s business ventures. Hailing from a business family with multiple investments, he acknowledges the support and encouragement he received from his loved ones to follow his dreams. Harjinder’s gratitude for their unwavering belief in him further fuels his commitment to succeed.

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