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Legal Battle Between ‘Ruslaan’ Films: Raajveer Sharma and Jagdish Sharma file case against Aayush Sharma’s Film



The upcoming Bollywood film ‘Ruslaan’ has landed in legal trouble after actor Raajveer Sharma and filmmaker Jagdish Sharma filed a case against Salman Khan’s brother-in-law Aayush Sharma and Telugu film producer KK Radhamohan’s film ‘Ruslaan’ in Delhi’s Patiala House Court. The case has been filed due to the same title of both films, which can confuse the audience and cause financial loss to Raajveer Sharma’s ‘Ruslaan’, which is set to release soon on a major OTT platform.

Raajveer Sharma and Moushumi Chatterjee’s daughter Megha Chatterjee played the lead roles in the first ‘Ruslaan’ film, which was produced by Jagdish Sharma. The film marked the debut of Raajveer Sharma and Megha Chatterjee, and they both started their career in the film industry with this movie. As soon as the teaser of Aayush Sharma’s ‘Ruslaan’ was released, discussions about Raajveer Sharma’s ‘Ruslaan’ also started in the film circles.

The issue raised by Raajveer Sharma and Jagdish Sharma is valid because two films with the same title can cause confusion among the audience, which can affect the box office collections of both films. Although Aayush Sharma is a good actor, his film’s title is identical to Raajveer Sharma’s film, which is set to release soon on an OTT platform.


Jagdish Sharma’s lawyer Rudra Vikram Singh said that they have sent legal notices to all the producers and actors of Aayush Sharma’s ‘Ruslaan,’ but none of them have responded to the notice, so they had to file a complaint in the court. He added that if KK Radhamohan doesn’t change the title of his film, it could harm Raajveer Sharma’s film, and its OTT rights would become impossible.

The case has been registered in the Patiala House Court, and the director, actors, censor board, and producers of Aayush Sharma’s ‘Ruslaan’ have been made party to the case. The court will now decide whether KK Radhamohan should change the title of his film or not.

This is not the first time that a film has faced legal trouble due to the same title. In the past, films like ‘Barfi,’ ‘Kedarnath,’ and ‘Chhapaak’ had to face legal issues because of the same title.

It’s essential to choose a unique and distinguishable title for a film to avoid such legal troubles in the future. The title of a film is its identity, and it’s crucial to protect it. The film industry needs to adopt a more conscious approach when it comes to choosing titles for their films.

The legal battle between the two ‘Ruslaan’ films highlights the importance of choosing a unique and distinguishable title for a movie. The film industry needs to be more aware and conscious of this aspect to avoid such legal troubles in the future. It remains to be seen what the court’s decision will be in this case, but it’s crucial to ensure that justice is served to both parties involved.


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