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“Jogira Sara Ra Ra: Kushan Nandy’s Light-Hearted Family Film Amidst Industry Struggles”



Kushan Nandy’s upcoming film, Jogira Sara Ra Ra, is a breath of fresh air in the current state of Hindi cinema. In an industry that has been struggling to entertain audiences, Nandy’s romantic comedy promises to bring laughter, celebration, and fun to the big screen.

The film stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who is known for his intense and dark roles, in a lighter and humorous avatar. Nandy explains that the idea of doing the film with Siddiqui came from wanting to showcase his seldom-seen humorous side. The title, Jogira Sara Ra Ra, is a colloquial phrase that exudes a feeling of celebration and fun. Nandy elaborates that the film is about just that, celebrating life and having a good time.

What sets Jogira Sara Ra Ra apart from the recent string of social-issue-driven comedies is its focus on being a clean, family film. Nandy says that he wanted to create a light-hearted film that the whole family can enjoy together. With no message or agenda to push, Nandy’s aim is to entertain audiences and make them laugh.


However, the film’s production was not without its challenges. The team shot the film during the COVID-19 pandemic, which posed logistical issues with travel and strict safety protocols. Despite the difficult circumstances, Nandy and his team managed to create an enjoyable and positive atmosphere on set. The team’s enthusiasm for the film and dedication to making people laugh helped them overcome the difficulties they faced.

Nandy acknowledges that the film industry is going through a patchy time, with box office results being unpredictable. However, he believes that the reason for this is due to the saturation of social-issue-driven films that have flooded the market in recent years. According to Nandy, audiences simply want to be entertained, and if filmmakers fail to do so, then they will stop going to theaters altogether.

Nandy also acknowledges that COVID-19 has affected cinema-going habits, but he is optimistic that cinema will survive. He believes that cinema has always managed to withstand new technologies such as satellite television, VHS players, and OTT platforms. Cinema, for Nandy, is an integral part of family entertainment, and people will always seek out the experience of watching a film together in a theater.

At the end of the day, Nandy hopes that Jogira Sara Ra Ra will be successful and entertain audiences. He is excited to see how people will react to the film and believes that, as a director, it’s ultimately up to the audience to decide whether a film is good or bad.

Jogira Sara Ra Ra is a much-needed addition to the current state of Hindi cinema. It promises to bring laughter, celebration, and fun to audiences, all while being a clean and family-friendly film. Despite the challenges faced during its production, Nandy and his team have created a positive and enjoyable atmosphere on set, which hopefully translates to the final product. Here’s hoping that Jogira Sara Ra Ra is successful at the box office and reminds audiences of the joys of watching a film together in a theater.


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