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“International Iconic Awards Successfully Launched with Presence of Sumbul Touqeer, Sharad Malhotra, and Nishant Malkhani”



The International Iconic Awards was successfully launched on Monday with much fanfare. The event saw the presence of established actors such as Sumbul Touqeer, Sharad Malhotra, and Nishant Malkhani, along with founder Mohammad Nagman. The awards ceremony, which is in its eighth year, is held annually and has seen tremendous growth and popularity over the years.

The event began with a special cake cutting ceremony, followed by the unveiling of the award. The celebrities present at the event were then invited to a photo shoot, after which they addressed the media. Mohammad Nagman, the founder of the awards ceremony, spoke about the history of the event and how it has grown over the years.

“I started in Dubai, and season 2 happened in Singapore. Then I did one season in Bangalore. But the love that I got in Mumbai was overwhelming. Actors can come for the awards even after their shoot. When I did it in Dubai, there were only 4 actors. But today, proudly I can say that over 100 celebrities attend my awards. This gives me pleasure and motivation to continue doing this every year,” said Mohammad.


When Sumbul Touqeer was asked about her expectations from the awards, she laughed and said, “I am feeling great, and I just want to receive the award.”

Nishant Malkani also expressed his excitement about being a part of the event, stating that Mohammad Nagman is fantastic in organizing events of this level. Sharad Malhotra, on the other hand, spoke about how the International Iconic Awards are special to him.

“Today, there are so many awards, and when an actor receives one, the celebration is short-lived. However, when I received this award for the first time, the feeling was incredible. The tag of ‘International Iconic’ is special, and it motivates an actor to work harder. Every actor wants to be appreciated, and some awards are more special than others,” said Sharad.

Pinnacle Celebrity Management was involved in celebrity management for the event. The company has a reputation for organizing successful events and providing excellent services to its clients.

The International Iconic Awards ceremony has become a highly anticipated event in the entertainment industry. With the presence of established actors such as Sumbul Touqeer, Sharad Malhotra, and Nishant Malkhani, the event was a huge success. The founder, Mohammad Nagman, is committed to continuing the awards ceremony every year, and it is evident that the event has gained tremendous popularity and growth over the years.


Pinnacle Celebrity Management’s involvement in the event highlights the importance of excellent event management in organizing successful events. The International Iconic Awards have become a platform for actors to showcase their talent and receive recognition for their hard work, making it a special event for all involved.

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