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Hema Malini’s Unique Commute: A Lesson in Humility and Adventure




Veteran actor and politician, Hema Malini, recently stunned her fans and followers when she decided to ditch her car and travel via metro and auto to reach her home in Mumbai. The iconic celebrity shared her experience on social media, leaving many in awe of her humility and adventurous spirit.

In her posts, Hema Malini revealed that she had initially driven for two hours to reach Dahisar, a suburb of Mumbai, by car. Frustrated with the traffic and the exhaustion of the journey, she decided to take the metro instead. Little did she know that this experience would turn out to be a joyous adventure for her.

The first post featured a series of pictures of Hema at the metro station, dressed in a coral shirt, white pants, and brown shoes, with a black bag. In one of the photos, she pointed towards the roof of the station, while in another, she posed with a person on the platform. Hema captioned the post, “I must share with all of you my unique, wonderful experience. Drove 2 hours to reach Dahisar by car, so tiring! In the eve decided I would try the metro, and OMG! What a joy it was!”

Hema went on to describe how the metro was clean, fast, and efficient, and she reached Juhu in just half an hour. She also shared a video from inside the metro, where several women sat next to her and took selfies with her.


In her second post, Hema revealed that she had then taken an auto from DN Nagar to Juhu, which left her security in disbelief. She shared a video from inside the auto, where she can be heard expressing her amazement at the chaotic traffic and the interesting sights around her.

Hema’s unique commute was an excellent example of how celebrities can use their platform to inspire their fans to try new experiences and step out of their comfort zones. Her humility and willingness to travel like an ordinary citizen have won the hearts of many, and her posts have garnered thousands of likes and comments.

In a world where VIP culture is prevalent, Hema Malini’s decision to take the metro and an auto is a refreshing change. Her experience is a lesson in humility, adventure, and embracing new experiences. It is a reminder that no matter how famous or successful one becomes, it is always essential to stay grounded and keep an open mind.

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