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Gautam Singh Vig on His Show Junooniyat: A Complete Package of Music, Romance, and Passion



Indian actor Gautam Singh Vig has been garnering praise for his performance in the web series Junooniyat. Produced by Ravie Dubey and Sargun Mehta’s Dreamiyata Productions, Junooniyat offers a unique concept that combines various genres, including musical, family drama, and romance. Vig believes that the show has something for everyone, making it a complete package.

Speaking about the show, Vig said, “It’s quite a unique concept in which you can see a musical, the passion between youngsters. You can get a family drama as well, so it’s like a complete package. I haven’t seen this amalgamation of genres in any of the shows yet. And people are liking it. So, we get to do the music parts like singing and, you know, romance as well, everything is there.”

Music is a significant part of Vig’s life, and he spends a good amount of time listening to it every day. He loves all sorts of music and believes that it uplifts his mind. Depending on his mood, he has his own playlist, which includes romantic songs, broken heart songs, and hip hop. Vig thinks that music-based love stories always generate a lot of interest, especially among the youth. He has seen a couple of web shows, Indian and international musical series, in which the songs, vibe, and romance are not cliche but realistic.


In Junooniyat, Vig portrays the character of Jordan, who is passionate about music and falls in love with a girl. He tries to do everything to get her attention and to spend time with her, knowing that his friend Jahaan also likes her. Vig finds his character very interesting and says, “From day one, my character is shown to be very passionate about music. Now he’s fallen in love. He’s trying to do everything to get her attention and to spend time with her. He knows that Jahaan also likes her.”

When asked about his passion in life, Vig replied, “See, honestly, my true love, in real life, is my work, my acting career. I have always wanted to be part of this industry. It’s been almost six years now, and every day, every minute, I just love my work. My only goal and ambition are to be better myself every day. I want to get into films. I always want to be launched as a Yash Raj Star. That’s my journey and my ambition. I have learnt a lot from TV, and I try every day to do something or the other to break out of my comfort zone. I want to do things that will enhance my abilities as an actor and help me grow.”

Vig’s ambition is to work 30 days a month, 365 days a year, and he doesn’t need a break or rest. He wants to work as an actor and wants people to love his work. He understands that the entertainment industry is full of stress and pressure, but he sees it as part of the journey. Vig believes that pressure makes him amazing in life, and the more pressure and stress he handles, the more he shines. He doesn’t worry about pressure or stress but sees them as a challenge that he needs to overcome to grow himself as an actor.

In conclusion, Gautam Singh Vig’s Junooniyat offers a complete package of music, romance, and passion, making it a unique concept that combines various genres. His portrayal of Jordan, a passionate music lover in love, is intriguing and interesting. Vig’s love for his work as an actor is admirable, and his ambition to work 30 days a month, 365 days a year.

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