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Gaurav Singh: OTT has made it easier for actors who have worked hard on their craft for years to showcase their talent



OTT seems to be the go-to place for any actor who aspires to showcase his versatility. On a quest to play diverse characters, Gaurav Singh, who has been a part of Tv shows like Gumrah, Krishna Kanhaiya, Devanshi etc, has ventured into the world of web series. The actor will be seen in MX Player’s Shiksha Mandala, which will drop on the streaming platform in September. He says, “The story of the web series is centred on India’s biggest education scam. I am playing the protagonist, Rahul Somani.”

He agrees that the advent of OTT platforms has opened the floodgates of opportunities for artists. He says, “Another advantage is that diverse content resonating with all age groups is reaching a much wider audience at minimal cost. There are many actors today who have worked hard on their craft for years and OTT has made it easier for them to showcase their talent.”

Talking about the difference between theatre, TV and OTT, Gaurav, who has honed the craft while working with several theatre groups and featuring in various plays, says, “There are no retakes when you are performing in a play. The first shot is the final one. On the other hand, an actor can perform more organically in an OTT series. In the TV industry, the performance is more mechanical and fixed because of its business model.”

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