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Florian Hurel: Styling Tamannaah Bhatia amidst Switzerland’s Stunning Backdrop for Bhola Shankar



Renowned makeup and hair stylist Florian Hurel is currently in Switzerland, working on the shooting of a song for the film Bhola Shankar, featuring leading actress Tamannaah Bhatia. Florian and Tamannaah have collaborated on numerous occasions, including fashion weeks, magazine covers, and public appearances.

In this article, we delve into their latest project, exploring Florian’s insights on styling Tamannaah amidst the challenges posed by the weather conditions in Switzerland and their strong professional relationship.

Styling Challenges in Switzerland


Florian Hurel reveals that the current shoot in Switzerland presents unique styling challenges due to the foggy, rainy, and humid weather. The hairstyling needs to complement the overall look, but keeping the hair open becomes difficult in such conditions.

However, Florian and his team have managed to overcome these hurdles by working with the right set of products and adapting to the prevailing weather conditions. Florian emphasizes the importance of adjusting to the environment and leveraging suitable hair and makeup products to achieve stunning looks even in challenging circumstances.

Weather Adaptation and Possibilities

Florian discusses how adjusting to different weather conditions offers a range of possibilities in terms of product selection and styling techniques. Despite the complexities of shooting in cold and foggy weather, Florian’s expertise allows him to adapt and create exceptional looks.

The presence of humidity in the cold climate necessitates unique strategies to ensure the makeup and hair remain intact. Florian’s ability to navigate these challenges is a testament to his professionalism and experience in the field.


The Equation with Tamannaah Bhatia

Florian shares his close bond with Tamannaah Bhatia, describing her as a friend and a dedicated professional. Having worked together for an extended period, they have developed a strong working relationship, even though they may not always agree on every look and outcome.

Despite this, Florian and Tamannaah successfully find a middle ground, blending their ideas to achieve the best possible results. Florian admires Tamannaah’s work ethic, punctuality, and her ability to deliver performances in just a few takes.

He is consistently impressed by her talent for picking up choreography instantly, without the need for extensive rehearsals.

“Bhola Shankar” and its Exciting Prospects


“Bhola Shankar” is an upcoming Telugu-language action film directed by Meher Ramesh. It is an official remake of the Tamil film “Vedhalam” released in 2015. The movie stars the legendary Chiranjeevi in the titular role, alongside Tamannaah Bhatia and Keerthy Suresh.

The project holds great promise, combining a talented cast with the picturesque backdrop of Switzerland. Florian Hurel’s involvement ensures that the characters will be styled impeccably, despite the weather challenges faced during the shoot.

With the film’s action-packed narrative and the combined talents of the cast and crew, “Bhola Shankar” is set to captivate audiences and deliver an exciting cinematic experience.

Florian Hurel’s collaboration with Tamannaah Bhatia in the shooting of the song for “Bhola Shankar” exemplifies their professionalism and ability to adapt to various challenges. Despite the weather conditions in Switzerland, Florian’s expertise and product selection ensure that Tamannaah looks effortlessly chic and elegant. This partnership, coupled with the film’s potential, piques the interest of audiences awaiting “Bhola Shankar’s” release.

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