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Celebrating the Incredible On-Screen ‘Moms’ of Indian Television



Indian television has given us some of the most memorable and beloved female characters, especially when it comes to portraying mothers. These characters have become an embodiment of love, care, and sacrifice, leaving a lasting impact on the viewers’ minds. On this Mother’s Day, we take a moment to celebrate the incredible on-screen ‘Moms’ of Indian television and the talented actresses who brought them to life.

Neha Joshi as Yashoda from Doosri Maa

Doosri Maa is a show that celebrates the beauty of motherhood, and Neha Joshi’s portrayal of Yashoda perfectly encapsulates the fierce and nurturing nature of a mother’s love. Yashoda’s unconditional support for her children through life’s challenges is truly inspiring. Her love for her son, Krishna, transcends blood relations, and she will go to any lengths to protect him. Yashoda treats all her children equally, instilling good values and fostering a united family. She is an independent and strong-willed woman whose children are her world, making her an exemplary mother.


Kamna Pathak as Rajesh from Happu Ki Ultan Paltan

Kamna Pathak’s character Rajesh is the perfect example of a mother who knows how to keep all her children happy. She plays the role of a mother to nine children, each with their distinct personalities, and her love for them is equal. Rajesh is the family’s pillar, providing strength and support to her children. She is like the family’s police officer, ensuring that everything is under control. Without her, the house would be in chaos. Kamna Pathak beautifully portrays the complexities of Rajesh’s character, who can be strict and set rules but whose primary goal is to keep her children happy.

Soma Rathod as Amma Ji from Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai

Soma Rathod’s portrayal of Amma Ji is a joyful, free-spirited, and vibrant character that commands respect from everyone. She provides unwavering support to her daughter-in-law, Angoori, always offering sound advice and standing by her side when needed. Her affectionate and supportive nature towards Angoori makes her an exceptional mother and mother-in-law. Despite her traditional appearance, Amma Ji is a forward-thinking problem-solver, making her an exceptional mother and mother-in-law. Her unconventional love for her daughter-in-law over her son is a refreshing change, making her an endearing and beloved character.

These three characters are just a few examples of the incredible portrayals of motherhood we have seen on Indian television. From Tulsi Virani (Smriti Irani) in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi to Archana Deshmukh (Ankita Lokhande) in Pavitra Rishta, Indian television has given us some of the most iconic and memorable mothers in pop culture.


What makes these characters so beloved is their ability to balance their roles as mothers while also being strong and independent women. They are not just defined by their maternal instincts but also by their own personalities, goals, and ambitions. They are not perfect, and they make mistakes, but they always strive to do what is best for their families.

In a society where the role of women is often restricted to just being a wife and a mother, these characters have broken the mold and become symbols of hope and inspiration for millions of viewers. They have shown that being a mother is not just about nurturing and caring for your children but also about being a role model, a guide, and a friend.

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