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Ashlesha Thakur, of “The Family Man” fame, to Star in “Santhala”: A Pan-Indian Film Celebrating Dance and Diversity



Renowned actress Ashlesha Thakur is set to take on the role of Santhala in the upcoming PAN India film titled “Santhala,” which is being made in six different languages. Produced by Dr. Irrinki Suresh and Sanjay B. Patiala as the PRO, the film promises to be a captivating exploration of dance and diversity in India.

Director Seshu Peddireddy shared that portraying the character of Santhala was a challenging experience for Ashlesha, particularly because she is not a trained dancer in real life. Getting into the mindset and physicality of the character proved to be a vulnerable yet empowering journey for her. Not only did she have to learn the art form of Bharat Natyam, but she also had to familiarize herself with the Telugu language for the primary version of the film.

Ashlesha expressed the difficulties and rewards of preparing for her role as a tribal dancer in “Santhala.” As the film revolves around dance as an art form, she underwent extensive mental and physical preparation to authentically portray her character. On set, she found a balance between enjoying her work and passionately dedicating herself to her craft.


Producer Dr. Irrinki Suresh described the film as a periodical fiction piece inspired by a real-life incident. Recognizing that his film may be considered small in comparison to high-profile Hindi releases like “Adi Purush,” he expressed confidence that “Santhala” will resonate with every viewer who watches it. The film’s essence lies in its ability to connect with audiences on a deep level, showcasing the rich diversity found throughout India.

“Santhala” promises to be a celebration of dance, showcasing the artistic beauty of Bharat Natyam and the cultural tapestry of India. With Ashlesha Thakur’s talent and dedication, combined with the visionary production team led by Dr. Irrinki Suresh, the film is poised to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact. Stay tuned for this magnificent portrayal of dance and diversity in the highly anticipated film “Santhala.”