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“Rekha: The Iconic Actor and Sweetest Co-Star, as Remembered by Sheeba Akashdeep”



It is not every day that one gets to work with their idol, but for Sheeba Akashdeep, it was a dream come true to share screen space with veteran actor Rekha in her debut film Yeh Aag Kab Bhujegi. In an exclusive interview, Sheeba remembers her experience working with Rekha and the memories she holds dear to her heart.

Yeh Aag Kab Bhujegi was a socially relevant film that highlighted the issue of dowry death, where Sheeba’s character was burnt alive for dowry. The film also featured Dimple Kapadia, but due to date issues, Rekha stepped in and played an important role. For Sheeba, working with someone she had idolized and had posters of in her room was a surreal experience. She recalls, “Meeting your idol always feels surreal.”

Sheeba goes on to praise Rekha for being one of the nicest, kindest, and sweetest co-stars she has ever worked with. Rekha was caring and protective of her, and Sheeba remembers sitting in her make-up room and just adoring her. She even shares a personal anecdote where Rekha was one of the first ones to reach her home when one of her dogs passed away, as Rekha herself is a big dog lover.


Rekha is known for her timeless beauty and diva-like persona. Even after so many years, she still exudes the same charm and grace that she did when she first entered the industry. Sheeba adds, “She’s still a stunning, fantastic, and eternal diva, and there’s nobody like her. Whenever you meet her, no matter how many years later, she’s still eternally very beautiful and smells of mogra. She’s an ICON.”

In the years following their film, Sheeba and Rekha have met socially, and Sheeba still holds Rekha in high regard. When asked if she would like to work with Rekha again, she is quick to answer, “Yes, of course, I would like to work with her once again. I absolutely adore her so much.”

Rekha’s career spans over five decades, and she has acted in over 180 films in various languages. She is a recipient of several awards, including the National Film Award and the Padma Shri. Rekha has also been a part of many iconic films such as Umrao Jaan, Silsila, and Khoon Bhari Maang, to name a few.

Apart from her acting prowess, Rekha is also known for her enigmatic personality and fashion sense. Sheeba also acknowledges Rekha’s fashion sense and adds, “She’s an ICON in every way, be it her style, her beauty, or her acting.”

Rekha has been an inspiration to many actors in the industry, and Sheeba is no exception. Sheeba looks back at her experience of working with Rekha with fondness and admiration. She considers herself fortunate to have worked with someone she idolized and learned a lot from.


Rekha’s charm and grace continue to inspire actors even today, and Sheeba Akashdeep’s experience of working with her only validates her status as an icon. It is not just her acting skills but her overall persona that makes her a beloved figure in the industry. As Sheeba puts it, “There’s nobody like her.”

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