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Rahul Bose Reacts to Rugby Stadium Named after Him: “Please Don’t Do This”




Actor and Indian Rugby Football Union President Shares His Thoughts on Unexpected Honor

Actor and Indian Rugby Football Union President Rahul Bose recently received an unexpected honor when a stadium was named after him in Odisha. However, in an exclusive chat, Bose reveals that his initial reaction was quite different from what people may expect.

“These are extremely legendary sportspersons. I don’t think I’m a patch on any of these people,” Bose says as he talks about the feat. While he calls it “humbling and honoring,” he also admits that he didn’t want the feather in his cap. “My first thought (when I got the call informing me) was please don’t do this. My first, second and third thoughts were all of this. But they insisted,” he reminisces.

Bose’s response may seem surprising to some, but he explains that he has been raised in an atmosphere where one does what they love without looking at the rewards. “I have never done a film to get an award or to get fame. Otherwise my choices would have been far more mainstream. I come from an ecosystem where you did things because you loved to do it and that was a reward in itself. Something like this is unexpected, and it’s not something that has crossed my mind, and I’m being honest and not falsely modest.”


Bose has been actively involved in philanthropic work for over 15 years through two foundations working with kids from Andaman, but he admits that few people know about it. He remarks, “I know of many famous people who have NGOs of one or two years, and everyone’s talking about it; but is anyone talking about the work?”

The stadium naming is a “result of all the people years before (him) have done the work.” Bose acknowledges that the general public still knows very little about Rugby, and the honor is not just for him, but for the sport as well. “Even now, hardly anybody knows anything about Rugby. We are very aware of it. That’s why it is honoring because it’s something for the sport and not for me. If anything that helps the sport, I will always be there. That’s always been my passion,” the Bulbull actor signs off.

Bose’s reaction to the honor he received is a testament to his humble and grounded nature. He has been involved in various philanthropic endeavors and has always been passionate about promoting Rugby in India. While he may not seek recognition for his efforts, his work has undoubtedly made an impact.

Moreover, Bose’s reluctance to accept an honor that he felt was undeserved is a reminder of the importance of recognizing the efforts of all individuals, regardless of their status or public recognition. Bose’s work may not have gained the same attention as that of other famous individuals, but that does not diminish the impact it has had on the lives of the children he has helped.

In a world where recognition and awards are often the primary motivators for individuals to pursue their passions, Bose’s attitude serves as a refreshing reminder that true fulfillment comes from doing what you love and making a positive impact on those around you. It is a reminder that recognition and rewards are not the end goal, but rather a byproduct of one’s passion and dedication to a cause.


Bose’s reaction to the naming of the Rugby stadium after him may have been unexpected, but it is a reflection of his humble nature and commitment to his passions. His words serve as a reminder that true fulfillment comes from doing what you love, and the recognition that follows is merely a bonus.

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