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The Talking Picture

In the recent years, the internet has seen a boom in the number of films and web series put out by production houses. Production houses now are willing to put their resources into new avenues of films and that has resulted in a number of unforgettable films and web series being launched on multiple OTT platforms as well as YouTube.

One such production house that has recently made waves over the internet is The Talking Picture. They launched their production house with the short film “Munna Bhaiya Indore Se” on 28th March. The film contains all elements to grip the audience and not let them go until the very end. It contains nerve wracking drama which is very well balanced out by the bits of humour placed at perfect moments. Against the backdrop of a college election, the film offers commentary on something larger than the setting itself. The film managed to pass 20k views on it’s first day of launch

The longline of the short film is “Two individuals from discrete backgrounds and discrete temperament face each other in college elections to prove whether power and resources win the game or ethics and hard work.”

The founders Deepak Panjwani & Brishban Thakur have long been film buffs and always wanted to get into the business. They have been wanting to revolutionise the monotonous film industry with all the new and fresh aspects that films can incorporate and their first release perfectly matches their vision. They want to show the struggles that the younger generation has to go through, what their ideologies look like, how they manifest in the world and where are they heading. Is there a bright future for this generation or has all gone to waste? “Munna Bhaiya Indore Se” gives a very fresh feeling without completely changing the older aspects of the industry.


The founders have said that they are very busy with production. We can expect much from The Talking Picture. They have another official release coming up soon on 28th April, 2023 named “Run Out”. The film revolves around cricket and they have refused to speak much about it. But if we can guess anything by “Munna Bhaiya Indore Se”, it will be a gripping drama involving the game along with moral themes and undertones that will speak about topics on a grander scale.

They also have two short films and a web series that are under production. It seems like the production house can’t take a break. The passion for films backed by a grand vision pushes them forward and provides them with the energy required to march on. With a talented and efficient team, it seems like they are gonna keep pushing the boundaries of Indian Cinema.

We are hopeful for The Talking Picture. It has been a long time since a production house has been so passionately following a vision. We wish them all the best, that they achieve what they have set out for, a noble goal. The company promises consistency to continue working and it can only get bigger from here. We are excited to watch their journey to, one day, being one of the biggest production houses in the country.

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