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Palak Tiwari on Her Relationship with Star Kids, Ibrahim Ali Khan’s Debut and Aryan Khan’s True Personality




Palak Tiwari, the young actress who is set to make her debut with the film “Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan”, recently opened up about her relationships with star kids and her thoughts on their personalities. In an interview with Siddharth Kannan, Palak spoke about her bond with Ibrahim Ali Khan, the potential of his upcoming debut film, and her observations on Aryan Khan’s true personality.

Palak Tiwari has been known for her proximity to the star kids’ circle, including Khushi Kapoor, Ibrahim Ali Khan, and Orhan Awatramani, among others. When asked about her alleged relationship with Ibrahim Ali Khan, Palak clarified that they are not a couple, but they are friends who talk more when they meet socially. She also revealed that Ibrahim is aware of her debut film, but he did not show too much excitement about it.

However, Palak did acknowledge Ibrahim’s talent and potential to be a big star. She agreed that he is “kadak hero material” and expressed her excitement about his upcoming debut film, tentatively titled “Sarzameen” and produced by Dharma Productions.

Moving on to her relationships with other star kids, Palak spoke about her admiration for Khushi Kapoor’s warm personality, Suhana Khan’s poise, and Shanaya Kapoor’s style. However, it was her observations about Aryan Khan that caught the attention of many.


As we know, Aryan Khan is notoriously private and introverted. Palak confirmed this and said that Aryan is sweet and greets everyone warmly at a party, but he is a very quiet guy. She compared his personality to hers, saying that after exchanging pleasantries, he will go into a corner. Palak also noted the mystique surrounding Aryan and his allure, which is hard to comprehend.

It is no secret that Aryan Khan is one of the most talked-about star kids in Bollywood, with aspirations to be a filmmaker and writer. On the other hand, Suhana Khan is taking her baby steps in Bollywood and showbiz. However, Palak’s observations on Aryan’s personality shed light on the person behind the celebrity status and the enigma surrounding him.

Overall, Palak Tiwari’s insights on her relationships with star kids and their personalities offer a glimpse into the world of Bollywood and its next generation. With her debut film set to release soon, it will be interesting to see Palak’s own journey and how she navigates the world of showbiz alongside her celebrity friends.

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