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Imran Nazir Khan: From Engineer to Comedian – How Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai Catalysed His Foray into Comedy



Imran Nazir Khan, popularly known as Timmy from &TV’s Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai, has been winning hearts with his impeccable comic timing. He shares his journey in the entertainment world and his passion for acting.

Imran Nazir Khan, born and brought up in a small town in Kashmir, always had a dream of becoming an actor. However, with no prior connections to the entertainment industry, he pursued engineering at his family’s behest. But his heart was still set on acting.

He moved to Mumbai to pursue his dream and started with commercials. After facing several rejections during auditions, he landed an antagonist role, which was his stepping stone to success. He later found his calling in comedy roles, which he thoroughly enjoys.


Khan’s portrayal of Timmy in Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai has been highly appreciated by the audience. He considers himself lucky to be part of such a remarkable show and work alongside Aasif Sheikh, who has been instrumental in helping him nail the right positions for the cricket sequences on the show.

In an exclusive interview, he talks about his experience working on the show and his upcoming Bollywood debut.

Q. How much are you enjoying working with the Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai team?

I’m truly grateful to be a part of Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai and highly appreciate the response I’ve received for my character Timmy. I was already a huge admirer of the show, and Vibhuti has to be my favourite character. Never could I have imagined that one day I’d actually have the opportunity to be part of this remarkable programme and even perform alongside Aasif Sheikh Sir. It’s certainly one of the funniest and most enthralling shows on Indian television, so it’s like a stroke of luck for me to be included! Everyone working on set is very friendly and welcoming, plus we often enjoy ourselves during shooting with all our jokes. My family were so overjoyed when they saw me appearing in an episode; being fans, you can imagine their ecstatic reactions!

Q. Aasif Ji has been a professional cricketer himself; did he share any tips and tricks with you while shooting for the episode?


I didn’t know how good he was at sports until I worked with him on the cricket sequence. His insight into the minute details of batting grips and stances when we shot together amazed me. He was instrumental in helping me nail the right positions for batting. The zeal he demonstrated for cricket scenes intrigued me, and he soon revealed that he started playing cricket in his early twenties in Delhi. I incorporated all his advice into my filming, and it paid off hugely. Learning from an experienced actor with great knowledge of the game was delightful. He is something special to me!

Q. As an engineer, why did you choose acting as your career?

Ever since I was a child, it has been my dream to be an actor. Living in a small town in Kashmir as the son of a local businessperson with no prior ties to the entertainment industry, this seemed like an almost impossible goal. My family wanted me to focus on engineering and support our family business. Still, even after my degree, I couldn’t ignore the feeling that acting was what I wanted. When I told them that I was going to Mumbai to pursue my dreams, they were displeased – they tried hard to make me stay and change my mind, but I knew that if I wanted it enough, nothing would stop me.

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