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Charrul Malik Shines as Showstopper for Vishal Kapoor at Panache GMA 2



Charrul Malik, a popular news anchor turned actor, recently took to the ramp as the showstopper for designer Vishal Kapoor at Panache GMA season 2. The stunning outfit and her captivating persona made her the star of the show. Charrul expressed her excitement over the experience and her love for experimenting with different things.

Walking the ramp after a long time, Charrul reminisced about her college days when she won a beauty pageant and walked the ramp as a model. But this time, as a showstopper for Vishal Kapoor, it was a completely different experience. “It was a great experience walking the ramp as a showstopper after such a long time. Here I was a showstopper, and in a designer dress, it was a very different feeling altogether since you’re in the limelight, and you’re being highlighted. Everybody is having a lot of expectations from you and your dress and rest of the things. So it was a great experience,” she says.

The fashion industry has changed over the years, and actors are no longer limited to a certain body type or appearance. Charrul believes that anyone with skills and passion for acting can make it in the industry. “Earlier, we had the misconception that only models could enter the industry, but now anyone can since acting is no longer based on appearances, and it is no longer about models who are attractive and have fit bodies. Anybody who has skills and is passionate about acting, they get the break. So those days are gone. I think now people are getting more opportunities,” she adds.


Talking about her latest experience as a showstopper, Charrul expressed her love for the vibrant and beautiful outfit designed by Vishal Kapoor. “I loved it, and my designer Vishal Kapoor, he’s a rockstar. I think all his outfits were outstanding and mine was the best. I loved the color and liked the way he played with colors. He designed a very vibrant and beautiful colored outfit for me, and I think that really complimented my personality,” she said.

Charrul also expressed her gratitude towards everyone who supported her and made the experience worthwhile. “I’m thankful to him and God, and everybody who is there with me, and of course, it is a good feeling, something different and experimental as I said. I believe in doing different things and do not want to stick to only one form like just acting. So I want to be on a different platform, doing different things because it is really satisfactory when you do something like that and get appreciated,” she added.

Charrul’s stint as the showstopper for Vishal Kapoor at Panache GMA season 2 was a memorable one, and she left a lasting impression on everyone present at the event. Her love for experimenting and trying new things shows that she is not only a talented actor but also an adventurous soul who is willing to explore new avenues in her career.

Charrul’s journey from being a news anchor to a showstopper reflects her versatility and dedication towards her craft. She is an inspiration to many aspiring actors who want to make it big in the industry on their own terms.