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“Charrul Malik on International Day of Happiness: Celebrating the Importance of Happiness in Life”



Happiness is an essential component of our lives. It affects not only our emotional state but also our physical and mental health. On International Day of Happiness, we had the pleasure of speaking with Charrul Malik, a well-known actor from Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai, who shared her thoughts on the significance of happiness in our lives.

Charrul believes that happiness is the key to a fulfilling life. “Happiness is everything to me,” she says. “Without it, nothing feels good. It’s essential to feel happy to be able to work, eat, talk, and see the world positively. Happiness is critical, and I don’t think there’s any life without it.”

When asked about whether being happy or successful is more important, Charrul says that happiness is the key to success. “Without happiness, there can be no success,” she says. “If you’re happy doing what you love and being yourself, you are being positive. Success is nothing without happiness.”


Charrul also believes that happiness is closely related to our health and wellness. “Our mental and physical health are interconnected,” she says. “Being happy creates positive energy, which is essential for our well-being. People who are unhappy with themselves tend to cause harm to their bodies as well. Happiness is the key to being mentally, physically, and emotionally strong.”

Charrul shares the top five things she cherishes in life, expressing her gratitude for each one every day. “I feel blessed,” she says. “My family, who has been with me through everything, my health, being in a positive frame of mind, and the freedom to do things that not everyone can. These are the things that matter to me.”

Charrul’s greatest strength is her ability to stay positive and happy all the time. “My greatest strength is my ability to think positively and be happy 24/7,” she says. “I also get negative thoughts sometimes, but there’s an inner strength that motivates me to stay happy. I take positive energy from each and every person around me. Looking at how privileged I am inspires me to stay motivated in life.”

Charrul’s message on the International Day of Happiness is that happiness is essential to our lives. It is the key to success, health, and well-being. Being grateful for what we have and staying positive is the key to happiness. We should cherish our loved ones, our health, and the freedom to do what we love. Let us celebrate the International Day of Happiness by spreading joy and positivity around us.

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