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‘Baap Manus’: A Heartwarming Tale of the Precious Father-Daughter Bond



Renowned filmmaker Anand Pandit is all set to tug at the heartstrings of audiences with his upcoming Marathi movie, ‘Baap Manus’. Directed by Yogesh Phulphagar, this family entertainer promises to strike an emotional chord and leave a lasting impact on viewers. Pandit, known for producing family-centric films in various languages, is excited about this project and believes it will resonate with audiences across generations.

At the core of ‘Baap Manus’ lies a heartwarming story that beautifully captures the essence of the precious father-daughter bond. Pandit shares, “This movie depicts the complexity and intensity of the relationship between a father and his daughter. It showcases their journey in a poignant and relatable manner, engaging and moving the viewers.”

The film’s narrative revolves around a single father who faces numerous challenges while raising his daughter. Shot in London, the emotional drama explores the struggles, joys, and sacrifices that come with parenthood.


Pandit, being a father himself, was drawn to the rich content of ‘Baap Manus’ and felt a personal connection with the story. He believes that the film’s focus on family subjects will resonate with audiences, touching their hearts and leaving them with a sense of warmth and nostalgia.

One of Pandit’s trusted collaborators, actor Pushkar Jog, who has previously worked with him on films like ‘Well Done Baby’ and ‘Victoria’, recently shared a Behind-The-Screen (BTS) picture from the sets of ‘Baap Manus’. This sneak peek into the film’s production, along with the announcement video, has created a buzz among eager fans and movie enthusiasts.

Adding to the excitement, ‘Baap Manus’ marks the on-screen collaboration of Pushkar Jog and multi-talented artist Anusha Dandekar. After a brief hiatus, Anusha is making a comeback to the silver screen, further elevating the anticipation surrounding the film. The cast also includes talented child artist Keya Ingle, along with Kushal Badrike and Shubhangi Gokhale, who bring their own unique flavors to the movie.

Jointly produced by Roopa Pandit and Pushkar Jog, with co-producers Vaishal Shah and Rahul Dubey, ‘Baap Manus’ is set to hit theaters on Father’s Day, June 18. The release date itself carries a symbolic significance, as it aligns perfectly with the film’s theme of celebrating the father-daughter bond.

As audiences eagerly await the release of ‘Baap Manus’, they can anticipate a heartwarming cinematic experience that explores the depths of love, sacrifice, and the unbreakable bond between a father and his daughter. With Anand Pandit’s penchant for delivering quality family-centric entertainment, this Marathi film is poised to leave an indelible mark on the audience and remind them of the power and beauty of unconditional love.


In a time when films that touch the soul and evoke genuine emotions are in high demand, ‘Baap Manus’ is set to be a delightful addition to Marathi cinema, reminding us all of the invaluable relationships we share with our loved ones.

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