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“Avantika Dasani daughter of actor Bhagyashree Makes a Stellar Bollywood Debut in ‘U Shape Ki Gully’ Alongside Stellar Cast”



Bhagyashree’s daughter, Avantika Dasani, is all set to make her grand entry into the world of Bollywood with the upcoming film ‘U Shape Ki Gully.’ The movie, which is a romantic musical with a touch of social drama, is set to commence shooting in the heart of Lucknow in the first week of May. With a talented ensemble cast and an intriguing storyline, this film is generating considerable anticipation among film enthusiasts.

The casting process for the character of Shabnam in the movie involved numerous auditions. However, when the director and producer of ‘U Shape Ki Gully’ met Avantika Dasani, they immediately recognized her potential.

Avantika’s eyes lit up as she listened to the script and her character’s details, displaying both conviction and curiosity. She delved deep into understanding her role, striving to fully embody the character and evolving from within. Avantika’s dedication and talent ultimately secured her the coveted role in the film.


The producers of ‘U Shape Ki Gully’ carefully sifted through hundreds of stories before settling on the script for this movie. The unique and intriguing title was a standout feature of the selected script. Avinash Das, a critically acclaimed director known for his work on web series such as ‘She’ and ‘Anarkali of Arah,’ was chosen to helm this project. With a passion for the story and a desire to do justice to its essence, Avinash Das embarked on this exciting cinematic journey.

The filmmakers were determined to assemble a cast that not only possessed exceptional acting skills but also believed in the story. Vivaan Shah, known for his impressive performances, was the first choice for the character of Hariya. For the role of Shabnam, they sought someone who exuded both beauty and intelligence in their actions.

After careful consideration, Avantika Dasani was finalized for the role, showcasing her versatility and dedication. The character of Mirza required someone who effortlessly blended into the role and conveyed a sense of tranquility. When the core team suggested Mr. Jaaved Jaaferi, he read the script, connected with it, and enthusiastically confirmed his participation through a video call.

Other esteemed actors, including Sushant Singh, Namita Singh, and Ishtiyaq Khan, have also joined the cast in crucial roles, further elevating the film’s caliber. Adding to the film’s allure, renowned music composer Amal Malik will be responsible for creating a melodious soundtrack that complements the story’s emotions.


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