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Anupama Solanki Embraces the Challenge of Dual-Shaded Characters in Nath Gauri Aur Krishna ki Kahani



Actress Anupama Solanki considers herself fortunate to have landed a role in the show Nath Gauri Aur Krishna ki Kahani (formerly known as Nath Zewar Ya Zanjeer).

This opportunity has allowed her to explore the intricacies of a character with multiple shades, combining negative and comic elements.

Anupama expresses her enthusiasm for this unique role and discusses her satisfaction with the diverse range of characters she has portrayed throughout her career. In this article, we delve into Anupama Solanki’s experiences and her dedication to challenging herself with each new role.


Embracing a Dual-Shaded Character

With Nath Gauri Aur Krishna ki Kahani undergoing a 15-year leap and major changes in the cast, Anupama Solanki is excited about her new character. Anupama reveals that her role is a fusion of two distinct characters she previously portrayed.

Maddam Sir and Bindiya Sarkar. This amalgamation creates a character named Kalawati, who exhibits negative traits with a touch of humor. Anupama acknowledges the unique challenge of portraying dual shades in a character and considers it a “cherry on the cake.” She embraces the opportunity to bring depth and complexity to her performance, breaking away from the monotony of solely negative roles.

Challenging the Fear of Typecasting

Anupama Solanki’s career trajectory reflects her willingness to explore diverse roles and break free from any fear of being typecast. She points out that she previously played positive characters in shows like Maddam Sir and portrayed Mohini, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.


These experiences have given her confidence and reassurance that she won’t be confined to a particular type of role. Anupama’s satisfaction with her career stems from the frequent opportunities she receives to showcase her versatility as an actress. She remains committed to embracing new challenges and expanding her range, allowing her to avoid being pigeonholed into a specific character archetype.

The Joy of Varied Roles

Anupama Solanki expresses her contentment with the variety of roles she has been offered throughout her career. By constantly taking on different characters, she has been able to push her boundaries and grow as an actress.

Each role presents unique challenges and opportunities for Anupama to showcase her talent and versatility. Her ability to portray both positive and negative characters with equal conviction reflects her dedication to her craft.

Moreover, Anupama’s satisfaction lies in her belief that her career choices have allowed her to explore a range of emotions, characteristics, and storylines. This diversity keeps her motivated and excited about her profession. Anupama’s commitment to portraying distinct roles is evident in her current venture, Nath Gauri Aur Krishna ki Kahani, where she relishes the chance to blend negative and comic elements into her character.


Anupama Solanki’s journey as an actress exemplifies her dedication to constantly challenging herself and embracing diverse roles. In Nath Gauri Aur Krishna ki Kahani, she tackles the intricacies of a dual-shaded character, incorporating negative and comic traits.

Anupama’s satisfaction with her career is rooted in her ability to break free from the fear of typecasting and consistently portray a wide range of characters. As she continues to explore new opportunities and push her boundaries, Anupama Solanki remains a versatile and talented actress in the industry.