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Anjali Pandey Stuns in “Eid Mubarak” Music Video through Pinnacle Celebrity Management



The joy and spirit of Eid celebrations are being beautifully captured in the new song “Eid Mubarak” by Sarkar Book. The song’s accompanying music video features Anjali Pandey, who was cast by Pinnacle Celebrity Management. The track has a catchy melody and uplifting lyrics, making it the perfect soundtrack to bring people together in unity and harmony.

Shaarib and Toshi, the singers behind the song, praised the “well-written” lyrics by Azeem Shirazi, which give the song its uplifting and vibrant feel. Anjali Pandey expressed her gratitude to Pinnacle Celebrity Management for giving her the opportunity to star in the song, saying that her career in the music and entertainment industry has skyrocketed since she joined forces with them.

The message of the song is evident in both the music video and the chorus lyrics, which encourage people to come together to celebrate Eid with passion and glee. The song’s positive vibe and inspirational music make it a must-listen for anyone celebrating Eid.


The “Eid Mubarak” song was recorded at Shaarib and Toshi Studios, with music produced by Sajid Salam and vocals backed by Muzammil Khan. The video was directed by Anshul Kumar Sharma and edited by Firoz Sheikh, with Anjali Pandey looking stunning in her dark green outfit. Shaarib and Toshi’s outfits in the video were a work of art by Umang Mehta and Mohsina Rizvi.

The music video was shot in Jaipur, and its release came just hours after the song’s debut on YouTube. It’s clear that the song and its accompanying video have already resonated with audiences, particularly in the wake of widespread Eid celebrations around the world.

This isn’t the only recent project for Anjali Pandey, however. She also stars in the spine-tingling horror-thriller “Puraani Havveli Ka Rahasya,” which was released on Alt Balaji. The series tells the story of seven mysterious deaths in an old Haveli, with Pandey starring opposite Sumit Bhardwaj. The series promises to be a treat for horror enthusiasts, with Shrey Arora and others also starring.

Overall, Anjali Pandey’s work in the “Eid Mubarak” music video is just the latest example of her impressive talent and the great projects she’s involved in. It’s clear that she and Pinnacle Celebrity Management have a bright future ahead in the music and entertainment industry.

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