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Charrul Malik celebrates her birthday with simplicity and gratitude



Actress Charrul Malik recently celebrated her birthday in a simple yet meaningful way with her family and close friends. The actress, who is currently seen in the popular TV show “Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai,” shared her tradition of starting her birthday morning with prayer.

For Charrul, birthdays are not about pomp and show or big parties. She prefers to have a close-knit celebration with her loved ones and expresses her gratitude for everything she has been blessed with in life. Speaking about her birthday celebration this year, she said, “We had a simple celebration, no pomp and show, no big party. It was a very close-knit affair. I pray to God and light up a diya. I thank God for everything he has given us. I pray for health, wellness, and peace of mind.”

Charrul’s approach to celebrating her birthday is a reflection of her humble and grounded personality. Despite being a successful actress, she values simplicity and meaningful connections with people. In 2019, she gave a big party for her birthday, where around 50-60 actors were in attendance, which was a special and fun celebration for her.


When asked about the most memorable birthday gift she has received until now, Charrul shared that her twin sister Parul sends her a lot of stuff from the US, and they have similar choices. She receives clothes, jewellery, perfumes, and other gifts from her sister, making it difficult for her to pick a favourite gift. However, she cherishes the unique clothes her mother gave her and still wears them, even after 20 years.

Charrul believes that age is just a number and does not give it too much importance. She prefers to focus on her experiences and staying healthy, rather than worrying about getting older. “Aging is natural, so why think about it? We should think about our experiences and be healthy. Age should not be discussed at all. I don’t think much. Just keep thinking positively. My goal is to do some good movies and explore different roles as an actor,” she said.

Charrul’s positive and optimistic outlook on life is inspiring. She is grateful for the opportunities and experiences that have come her way, and she remains focused on exploring different roles as an actor. Her dedication and hard work have made her a well-known face in the entertainment industry.

Charrul’s journey as an actor started with small roles in TV shows, but she persevered and landed her breakthrough role in “Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai.” Her performance as Kajal Bhai, a sharp-tongued and confident woman, has been appreciated by the audience. Charrul’s portrayal of the character adds depth and humour to the show.

Charrul’s success as an actor has not come easy. She has had to work hard, face rejections, and overcome challenges to get to where she is today. However, she remains grounded and thankful for everything she has achieved. Charrul’s humility and sincerity have earned her a loyal fan following and respect in the industry.


Charrul Malik’s approach to celebrating her birthday with simplicity and gratitude is a reflection of her grounded personality. Her positive outlook on life and dedication to her craft inspire many. As she continues to explore different roles as an actor, her fans eagerly await her upcoming projects.