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Actor Ankit Raizada Talks About His Experience on Rabb Se Hai Dua and His Aspirations for Varied Roles



Ankit Raizada, the versatile actor of Rabb Se Hai Dua (RSHD) fame, recently crossed the 100-episode milestone and is excited about the show’s success. In an interview, he shared his experience working with Studio LSD and how the TV industry is evolving with the advent of OTT platforms. He also revealed his favorite scene and his friendly bonding with co-star Simran.

Ankit Raizada expressed his happiness on the achievement of RSHD and credited the smooth production and communication by Studio LSD for the show’s success. He also praised the producer Prateek Sharma for his generosity and kindness, which gave a homely feeling to the entire team. Ankit had previously worked with Studio LSD, and his experience working on RSHD was equally fantastic.

Talking about his character Ruhaan, Ankit shared that his introduction scene was the closest to his heart. The scene portrayed Ruhaan’s fun-loving and sweet nature, which helped him connect with every member of the family. Ankit also revealed his friendly relationship with his co-stars, especially with Simran, who played his sister in the show.

Ankit emphasized the challenges of working on a daily show, where a seven-day telecast and long dialogues became hectic for him. However, he enjoyed his work and was always motivated to deliver his best despite the challenging schedules. He also acknowledged the evolution of the TV industry and the emergence of OTT platforms that have pulled up the game.


Ankit cited Shahid Kapoor as his inspiration and admired how he had broken the stereotype of being a chocolate boy with his recent character portrayals. Ankit also expressed his desire to take up roles as varied as possible, just like Shahid Kapoor.

Ankit Raizada’s success story with RSHD is a testament to his acting skills and the smooth production by Studio LSD. Ankit’s friendly bonding with his co-stars and his motivation to take up challenging roles make him an actor to watch out for in the future. As the TV industry evolves, we can expect Ankit to showcase his versatility and charm in every role he undertakes.

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