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Rabb Se Hai Dua: Ruhaan is kidnapped!

Rabb Se Hai Dua: Ruhaan is kidnapped!



Rabb Se Hai Dua: Ruhaan is kidnapped!

Kaynaat thinks that if her nikah takes place with Ruhaan then her plan would surely fail. Dua comes to her and tells that she is thinking right. She tells her that if she doesn’t want to marry Ruhaan then she should say no or else she would have to stay with Ruhaan the entire life. Ghazal notices the key in Dua’s hand and thinks that she is upto something to stop this nikah. Dua accuses Ghazal and tells that she won’t let the nikah happen while Ghazal also wants Dua to succeed so that it would be blamed on her.Dua opens Ruhaan’s room and wakes him up by splashing some water on his face. While Haider notices that the key from his pocket is missing, Ruhaan blames Haider for everything while Dua slaps him. She makes him understand that Ghazal has succeeded in the plan and now only one way is left. She tells Ruhaan to run away but Ruhaan denies it. Dua tells him that Haider can’t be blamed and Ghazal is behind all this. Dua makes Ruhaan understand why he should run away so that they can fail Ghazal’s plan.

While Kaynaat throws an act of not feeling well in front of Haider, Haider notices that something isn’t right as she tells Ravi something through her expression. Haider blames them for helping Dua and leaves from there. Gulnaaz is worried about seeing Ghazal and thinks that what if she has planned to marry Ruhaan.

Haider comes into Ruhaan’s room and is shocked to see that he isn’t there while Ruhaan runs away. A secret caller calls Ghazal and tells about Ruhaan running away. She asks Heena about Ruhaan and even Heena wonders why Ruhaan hasn’t come and goes to bring him. The secret caller meets Ruhaan on the road and kidnaps him while Haider questions Dua about Ruhaan