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Prateek Sharma’s Rabb Se Hai Dua actor Simron Upadhyay speaks about her role!

Prateek Sharma’s Rabb Se Hai Dua actor Simron Upadhyay speaks about her role!



Prateek Sharma's Rabb Se Hai Dua actor Simron Upadhyay speaks about her role!

Simron Upadhyay is happy that her show Rabb Se Hai Dua (RSHD) recently crossed 100 episodes. The actor, who plays the role of Noor in the show, feels such milestones help the team feel confident and happy. RSHD is produced by Prateek Sharma’s Studio LSD.

“For anyone who is a part of the show, this matters so much. Starting from day one, the anticipation, and willingness to work and make the show a success is at heights. And to see the show being more loved and adored by the audience feels great. In an era where shows are ending before reaching 100 episodes, to see Rabb Se… getting the love is huge. May we reach 1000 episodes!” she wishes.

TRP ratings do bother every actor working on the tube. “We work for the love of the audience and so it matters obviously. It’s always encouraging when you are doing better trp wise but as an actor obviously you give your 100% no matter what,” she says.

The show has connected well with the audiences and has developed a loyal fan base. “We as actors, work hard, so that we can connect with our audience and that they resonate with our feelings and emotions. So it’s great to see that happening, as I have said before I am a fan of LSD. Being a college student, studying masters, it’s a problem to balance study and work. But it’s been so different with this production house. There have been times where I have conveyed about my college assignments and leaves at the very last moment but they have always adjusted with it. What’s wonderful about the production is that they always want to solve things and make work easy. Irrespective of seven days telecast, and high drama scenes, the production really makes it smooth,” she praises team LSD.


A scene from the show that Simron actually had a lot of fun shooting was when her mom in RSHD, Gulnaz (Melanie Nazareth), makes her believe something that never happened.

“Noor is a very coming of age character, always on her phone, addicted to social media, and is very slow when it comes to understanding things. So there was this part, when she kind of knew about Gazal’s plot, and could help the family to come closer to the truth, but was successfully manipulated by Gulnaz. In fact she went on charging Dua, who had no fault, and spoils Dua’s plan to unveil Gazal. The whole sequence was very fun to shoot,” she shares.

When asked about Prateek, she begins by saying that she hardly interacted with him. “The only time I saw Prateek sir was during our first day of shoot and launch day. But he was very warm in his approach and I have heard a lot about him from my co-actors who have worked with the production before. And as I have said, it’s been the smoothest to work with LSD, and obviously the production reflects the producer and there’s no doubt that he must be unfeigned,” she adds.

When one works for so many hours on a daily basis, the team one is working with becomes like your family, feels Simron. In some cases it isn’t though.

“Fortunately the set and the working atmosphere in RSHD is warm. Every artist cares about one another and is very appreciative of others. I bond particularly well with Ankit [ Raizada; Ruhaan in RSHD] and Saarvie [Omana; Kaynaat in RSHD]. As Ankit plays my brother in the serial, my bond is such with him even off screen. We tease and fight and beat each other a lot. It’s my favourite pastime on sets. But my most favourite is Saarvie. I love her. If she is not on sets, or having an off day, I miss her. She is my viber on sets for sure,” she says.


About the challenges of working on a daily soap, the actor adds, “Sometimes it gets challenging because working in a daily soap and having seven days of telecast, the schedule does get hectic. In this industry, you have to be prepared for everything and should know how to balance your personal and professional life

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