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XG Makes Memorable Debut in Japan at KCON JAPAN 2023



XG, the seven-member HipHop/R&B girls group, made their highly anticipated debut in Japan at KCON JAPAN 2023, the world’s largest K-culture festival. The event, held at Makuhari Messe on March 13, marked their first-ever performance in the country. With their captivating presence and electrifying performances, XG left a lasting impression on the audience and garnered widespread attention.

A Dream Come True

The announcement of XG’s participation in KCON JAPAN created a wave of excitement among fans. Being their first performance in Japan, the anticipation and curiosity surrounding the group were palpable. On the day of the event, XG surprised their fans by making a visit to the KCON convention area, further fueling the excitement. Fans expressed their joy on social media, sharing their experiences of seeing XG up close and witnessing their talent firsthand.

Impressive Performances


During their debut performance in Japan, XG showcased their musical prowess by performing their hits “SHOOTING STAR” and “LEFT RIGHT.” Both songs are from their 3rd single, which was released in January of the same year. The audience was captivated by XG’s group power and the individuality they brought to their performances. The members’ energy and stage presence resonated with the crowd, leaving a lasting impact on all who witnessed their talent.

XG’s Heartfelt Message

While on stage, XG expressed their gratitude and excitement for finally being able to meet their fans in Japan. They conveyed their long-held desire to connect with their Japanese audience and expressed their joy at being able to fulfill this dream. Their heartfelt message resonated with the fans, creating an emotional bond between the group and their supporters.

Global Recognition and Achievements

XG’s rise to fame has not been limited to Japan alone. Their 3rd single, “SHOOTING STAR,” released in January, garnered attention worldwide. Furthermore, their song “LEFT RIGHT” achieved an impressive feat by being ranked in the US Mediabase Top 40 Radio Airplay Chart for 11 consecutive weeks, setting a record for an Asian girl group. The international recognition and success of their music have further solidified XG’s position as a rising force in the global music scene.


Upcoming Performance at Head In The Clouds New York

The excitement surrounding XG continues to build as they gear up for their next performance at Head In The Clouds New York, a large-scale music festival organized by 88rising. With their debut in the United States just around the corner on May 21 (local time), the anticipation for their performance is growing exponentially. XG’s momentum is undeniable, and they have become a group that no one can afford to overlook.

XGALX: Empowering Creativity and Dreams

XG’s debut in Japan and their subsequent international recognition are attributed to XGALX, the global entertainment production company that supports the group. XGALX’s mission is to produce artists with a defined world view, fostering a culture of bold creativity. XG, as a group, embodies this mission by creating fresh, inventive music and performances that empower young people from all walks of life worldwide.

A Message of Empowerment


Through their music and performances, XGALX aims to spread a powerful message to young people globally. They encourage individuals to focus on their dreams, pursue them relentlessly, and have the strength to make them a reality. XGALX believes in listening to one’s heart and having the courage to follow one’s dreams, free from the limitations imposed by others’ opinions and judgments.

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